vMEyeSuper Pro User Manual

Mobile Monitor

It introduces extra stream techniques when mobile monitoring, support channels switch (e.g. Windows mobile)

Step1. DVR Config, go to [Main Menu] -> [System] -> [Encode], enable Extra Stream.

Step2. Install mobile monitor software to cellphone, get the software from CD enclosed, (the software for android mobile is vMEyeSuper.apk )

Step3. After successfully installing the software, finding and running “e.g. vMEyeSuper mobile-moveeye” software through [start] -> [procedure] in the mobile, see picture 13


Pic 13 Mobile client side interface

Step4: click device list on above, input the IP address, user name, password, port

No. of the device that need to be monitored.

Device Name: user can set it as he like.

User name: login name of device

Password: password of device

Server: IP address of device

Port: 34567 (Remark: the port no. for vMEyeSuper is default with 34567).

After added device, click yes, will see pic 14, choose the channel you want to monitor, the preview image will be displayed.

Pic: 14 mobile monitor interface

Remark: when the DVR is in local area network, the mobile should connect to wireless router to access the device, each kind of mobile related to different client software ( due to different version, should be follow the version in the CD)

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  1. How do I populate more than 1 screen simultaneously…? . I shld b able to

  2. No response.. How to enable more then just one screen at a time ? As with a tablet you have 4 screen options available. How can I populate all 4 screens simultaneously…for 4 different cameras to view at the same time..Please review and Advise…Thank you

  3. Each camera connected to your DVR has a channel number allocated to it.

    To populate the 4 screens with your individual cameras. channels will be allocated numbered 1 – 4.

    So the configuration of each screen will be all the same ip, same port but different channel for each.


    ip:, port:80, channel:1
    ip:, port:80, channel:2
    ip:, port:80, channel:3
    ip:, port:80, channel:4

  4. This is for an android tablet 4.1 does the app vary depending on use ? So should this vMEyeSuper APK work for this version,,I cannot get it to stream all channels simu
    Simoultaneously. . . .showing all 4 channels at same time so do I need to do something else to run this app on my tablet android 1.4. …or am I running the. Wrong version? Idk

  5. Individual page setup. As I cannot ad all channels at same time…do u know why? That’s my problem. .my previuos question was ..does the tablet supporting have issues with support.. this is a android 4.1..I’m trying to populate all 4 screens available. I have only been able to view one out of four at a time. This is my original problem ..do u have a support phon3 number I can access help directly…3 months so far ..same problem..is there help for this? I cannot be the only one with this issue out there… Right ?!

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