VIVOTEK IP8355EH WDR User Manual

VIVOTEK IP8355EH is a professional outdoor dome network camera offering 30 fps @ 1.3-Megapixel
resolutions with superb image quality.
The IP8365EH provides 30 fps @ 2-Megapixel resolution with superb image quality.
Featuring the new improved Wide Dynamic Range Technology WDR Pro II (WDR Pro for IP8365EH),
it provides extreme visibility in extremely dark & light environments with 4-shutter capture method.
Combined with 3D Noise Reduction Technology, which enables the IP8355EH to capture clear, polished
video under low-light conditions and reduce bandwidth from sensor noise, users can identify an
increased level of image detail in extremely bright as well as dark environments.
Additionally, as a professional day/night camera, the camera adopts a Smart IR technology which
prevents overexposure and provides noise reduction to adjust the IR lighting intensity instantaneously
based on the changes of light in the ambient environment.
To provide top-notch image quality, the camera also comes with a P-iris lens, which controls the iris
with extreme precision with its built-in stepper motor. By using software controls, the lens maintains the
iris opening at an optimal level at all times, resulting in superior sharpness and depth of field as well as
image quality.
Furthermore, for installers, properly adjusting the focus of a megapixel network camera
can be difficult due to the level of image detail. Therefore, the camera is also designed with VIVOTEK’s
Smart Focus System to make installation and adjustment easier by using remote focus and zoom
The camera’s IP67-rated housing is designed to protect the camera body from being immersed in the
water, even against the immersion at the depth of at least 1m. Additionally, the wide temperature range
further enhances the camera performance and reliability in extremely cold and hot weather.

Read Before Use

The use of surveillance devices may be prohibited by law in your country. The Network Camera
is not only a high-performance web-ready camera but can also be part of a flexible surveillance
It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the operation of such devices is legal before
installing this unit for its intended use.
It is important to first verify that all contents received are complete according to the Package
Contents listed below. Take note of the warnings in the Quick Installation Guide before the Network
Camera is installed; then carefully read and follow the instructions in the Installation chapter to
avoid damage due to faulty assembly and installation.
This also ensures the product is used properly as intended.
The Network Camera is a network device and its use should be straightforward for those who
have basic networking knowledge. It is designed for various applications including video sharing,
general security/surveillance, etc. The Configuration chapter suggests ways to best utilize the
Network Camera and ensure proper operations.
For creative and professional developers, the URL
Commands of the Network Camera section serves as a helpful reference to customizing existing
homepages or integrating with the current web server.
1. Package Contents
■ IP8355EH or IP8365EH
■ Sun Shield / Wrench / RJ45 Female / Female Coupler / Double-sided Tape / Screws
■ Wall mount bracket (w/ screws and anchors)
■ Waterproof Connector for RJ45 Ethernet Enclosure
■ Waterproof Connector (for backup use)
■ Alignment Sticker / Desiccant Bag
■ Software CD
■ Quick Installation Guide
Physical Discription

3. Hardware Installation

1. Attach the alignment sticker to the wall. Drill four holes into the wall. Then hammer the
supplied plastic anchors into the holes and secure the plate with supplied screws.
2. Fix the intersection bracket to the side of the Network Camera with two screws.
3. Feed the RJ45 cable through the front opening of the wall mount bracket.
(If you want to use external devices such as sensors and alarms, please refer to the assembling steps
on the next page.)
4. Push the spring mortise and hook the bracket onto the groove of the wall mount bracket.
5. Secure the two screws on the other side of the wall mount bracket.
6. Hang the wall mount bracket to the mounting plate.
7. Fix the wall mount bracket with the supplied screw.
8. Adjust the angle of the wall mount bracket to aim at the shooting area.

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