U-disk high-definition video (mini U9) operating manual

U-disk high-definition video (mini U9) operating manual

(The world’s first HD U disk storage miniU9 HD cameras home security)
First, you use the company’s products, thank you! Before use, please read this manual carefully. In order to better service, the contents of this manual may be with the product performance and functionality is changed, will be without notice.
Product appearance, buttons:


 (Picture for reference only, to prevail in kind)
K1, switch machines separate recording key K2, photographs, video motion detection camera button key K3 K4 status indicator
K5, lens K6, microphone K7, TF card, K8, USB Interface
This is the first product with U-disk storage. High-definition digital video motion detection. Pictures. Separate recording. While charging side camera Automatic loop camera. Memory Support 32GB. Connect the computer directly to camera, U disk storage function miniU8 computer security camera, TF card memory, also known as “home security miniU8 camera” can shoot photos and high-definition screen, this product is simple, sleek, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, home security, education, life and other areas of essential utilities , by the users of all ages.

Before using:
This product is a sophisticated electronic components within the composition, operation touch of a button Do not vigorously to avoid damaging,
Use PC CAMERA (video camera) function, install the driver with a random distribution.

Key instructions: K1.K2 key is used to reset the machine when the encounter did not respond, please press the K1.K2 key.
K1 button: for switching machine, a separate recording.
K2 key: used to take pictures. Camera.
K3 key: motion detection camera.
Product Description: products imported lens to ensure high resolution, low illumination. 1280 * 960 video resolution can be

Special features of this product: shock prompts, can be directly connected to the computer video camera, video camera can be directly stored computer files.
Special features: In the state of the network camera (note 6) Click the Driver disk files (CCYCR video camera assistant) Click to select the path, set the video files are stored. Camera: Click Start video camera, into the video. Click to stop video camera, camera stop and save.
1, off: Press the power button K1, red and blue dual-lamp light, while the machine vibration, the vibration stopped, initialize after blue light, red light, into the standby state, in the boot state, long press the key K1 , machine vibration and flash red three times off.
2, camera operation: In standby mode, press the K2 key, blue light red light off, take the picture and save it, taking photographs once the machine vibration and blue light, red light, re-enter the standby state.
3, camera operation: In standby mode, press the K2 key, the machine vibration twice, the red light flashes 3 times off, start recording them in the camera, press key K1 or K3, red light flashes six times off, indicating When the state of the camera state. Camera, the short time at the K2 key machine vibration, stop recording and save, while the red light to enter the standby state.
4, a separate recording: In the standby mode. Short by K1 key, the machine vibration and the red light off a blue light flashes 3 times off, that time is recorded, and then press K1 key, the machine vibration time, save the recording, blue light, red light and enters the standby state.
5, motion detection camera: In standby mode, short-K3 key click, three times the machine vibration and dual-lamp also flashes red and blue are off after the next 4 to enter standby mode in the camera motion detection, moving objects in front of the blue flash, enter the motion detection camera, and then press K3 key, the machine vibration time, stop motion detection recording is automatically saved and enter standby mode. In the motion detection camera mode, press K1 or K2 key, red and blue lights blink off six times, and has instructed in the state.
6, PC CAMERA: the use of PC CAMERA (video camera) function, install the driver with a random distribution. In shutdown mode, pressing the K2 key down to connect the computer into the PC CAMERA.
7, charge: Connect the computer USB connected products or charger to recharge the camera when the battery is charging, the blue light flashes when the battery is fully charged, the blue lights off. Note: The camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, no memory effect, can be used with the charge, but the initial use of the first five, and then charge the battery to run out of saturation, to start the battery maximum capacity, access to standard working time.
8, while charging camera side: In the charge, the blue light mode, long press K3 key 6 seconds to stop, and then press K3 key click, and the red light to enter the standby mode, then you can take pictures, video, audio, mobile detection operation.
9, set the recording time: in the video camera provides a recording time displayed in the function, format: year – month – day hour: minutes: seconds, set the time as follows:
Will form a good computer via USB cable connection, my computer in a “removable drive” letter. Open the Windows software, accessories WordPad or Notepad (*. txt format) input:
Take the file name: time.txt
Save the file on a removable hard disk root directory, cut off the USB cable, then start recording, video and photo bottom right corner of the new modification time is the time and dates. You can also use the machine to update the files stored in WriteTime.exe recording time, the method of double-WriteTime.exe out to update the window in the mid-point update update.
10 Exception handling:
Camera batteries are low, the green light flashes quickly for about 3 seconds, automatically save the current image files and shut down, if you continue to use the camera for charging before use.
Cameras due to accidental causes improper operation or other special stops responding, press the keys K1 and K2 key, reboot, re-use.
Can not start: the battery is power, please charge; K1 and 2 keys at the same time, turn the power off, reboot.
Not associated computer: Make sure your operating system, drivers, USB interface cable is the things normal.
No disk space capacity, TF card is plugged or damaged.

11 Parameters



Video Format


Video encoding


Video Resolution


Video frame rate



Operating system or mainstream audio and video playback software

Picture format

JPG 1280*1024


5M  pix

Aspect Ratio


Support System

Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista:M

Battery capacity


Working time

120 minutes

Charging voltage


Interface Type


Storage Support

micro TF card

Battery Type

High-capacity lithium polymer

Specifications are upgrades, updates will change, please kind to

12 Notes
· set usage scenarios: Please strictly abide by relevant state laws, this product can be used for any illegal purpose, or peril.
· on battery: With the increased use of time, battery life has been shortened, long unused, in fully charged before use.
· player actual capacity slightly less than the nominal capacity, is normal!
·File Security: This product is non-professional storage equipment, storage file does not guarantee the integrity and internal security, real-time on the computer or other storage device to back up your important files.
· video quality: This product is non-professional recording equipment, do not guarantee that the effect of video file can be up to your expectations.
· Operating temperature :0-40 ℃
· Humidity: 20% -80%, do not place wet work environment, the product does not have the waterproof function.
· shooting illumination: a well-lit environments, do not please the camera directly at the sun and other strong light sources, optical components so as not to suffer injury.
·cleaning requirements: Do not dust density is too large to use the environment to avoid dust contamination of lenses and other components, affect the camera effects, the lens with lens cleaning paper or cloth to wipe off glasses to keep clean.
· Other matters: The product belongs to sophisticated electronic products, please do not subject it to strong shock, vibration: Do not the strong magnetic field, the use of strong electric field.
· disposal: Please note that environmental protection, not free to discard the product. This product is prohibited to throw in the fire to avoid explosion.
Additional information: other unknown matters, please contact your local dealer

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