TK102 GPS Tracker Command Instructions


GPS Tracker TK102 Config

If you have any questions about tk102 commands and configuration, scroll to the bottom of this page and post a comment. We will do our best to answer your questions. If your a tk102 guru then help everybody out and answer some questions in the comments below.

iPhone app:  GPS Tracker TK  (download from the App Store).

Android App: GPS Tracker Car TK102

Track online with auto tracking, register at at:

Insert activated SIM card into the device (make sure SIM card is configured with caller ID on).

SMS Commands –

1. Enable TK102

To enable your tk102 gps tracker, send the command "begin+password"



2. Password reset

The password is important, because every command you send to the tracker need to end with the password.

The default password is “123456“, and you may want to change it once you ready to use, to change the password send a message include “password+old new password” to the tracker.

Example:password123456 567890” will change your password from “123456” into “567890“.

Note: password must be 6 digits long.


For the sake of this tutorial we will change the password back to default.

3. Authorization
You can authorize 5 different number on the allow list, so they can command the tracker.

There is two way to authorize, one is calling, number, then this number will automatically became one authorized number.
The most convenient way, send a message in the format of “admin+password cell phone number” to the tracker.

Example: Send “admin123456 0432733918” will authorize phone number 0432733918 on the allow list.
To remove a number from the allow list then send sms in the format of “noadmin+password cell phone number“.

Example: Send “noadmin123456 0432733918” will exclude the number 0432733918 from the allow

If you’re authorising your tracker to call it from outside your own region (or country) then make sure to place the area code or country in front of the number.

Example: If your tracker is located in Australia and you’re calling the tracker from the United States, then you’ll need to authorize your number as “61432733918“, as “61” is the country code of Australia.

Australia – 61
UK – 44
USA – 1

Find full list of country codes here.

4. Auto Tracking

This GPS have the auto tracking function. The command syntax as follow:

t+time interval+time unit+repeat time+n+password

This syntax seems a little bit confusing, so let me give few example for you.
*Note: In time unit, “s” stand for second, “m” stand for minute and “h” stand for Hours.


Send auto report every 30 seconds, and repeat five times, the command is:


In this example, where 030 is the interval of 30 seconds, the 005 means repeat 5 time, 123456 is the password.

Time interval and repeat time must be in 3 digits length.

If you want to set the auto tracking to report every 1 hours and repeat 24 times. Then send SMS as “t001h024n123456“.
To cancel auto tracking, send “notn+password“.

5. Voice Surveillance
You can set the tracker into monitor mode, when you call the tracker, the tracker will answer your phone and transfer the voice around the tracker back to you.

To set the tracker into voice surveillance mode (monitor mode), send command:
monitor+password“,  make sure to set it back to tracker mode once you want it to report geographic info,  to set it back to tracker mode send command “tracker+password“.


6. Geo-fence
Geo-fence will help you to restrict the target within a certain preset area. When the target breach the restrict area, you’ll get a message report.
Note: You need to let the tracker stay still for 10 minutes before you send the command to it.

The command is stockade+password latitude1, longitude1;latitude2, longitude2

If you are unsure of the GPS coordinates of the zone your are creating a Geo-Fence for, the simplest way is to use Google Maps.

Go to, and find the location of the desired Geo-fence you would like to create. In this example we will use the city of Adelaide, South Australia.


Place your cursor over the map and “right click” where you would like the top left corner of the Geo-fence to be… and then select “What’s here?” option.


This will reveal the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of the cursor position on the map.


The following picture will show you how it works, the restricted area is defined by the two coordinate you set.

Copy the latitude and longitude coordinates as they appear into the first half of your Geo-fence command.

stockade123456 -34.922112, 138.587036;latitude2, longitude2

Now place the cursor on the bottom right position of the Geo-fence, “right click”, select “What’s here?” and copy the coordinates into the last half of your command.


stockade123456 -34.922112, 138.587036;-34.934919 138.612270

With this coordinates set in the Geo-fence command, a rectangle will be created as the boundry of the Geo-frence.

no further North than -34.922112, South than -34.934919, East than 138.612270 and West than 138.587036


To cancel the Geo-fence, send command “nostockade+password“.

7. Movement alert
When movement alert is enable, once a movement of the target is detected ( a movement of 200 meter by default), the tracker will send a report to you, and the movement alert will be disable automatically.

To set a movement alert, send command “move+password“, to deactivate the alert, send command “nomove+password“.


8. Overspeed Alert
This is a very useful function to monitor if the target is overspeed.
To set the overspeed alert, send command “speed+password speed”.

Example: If you need to set the speed limit to 80 km/hr then send command
“speed123456 080”,  the speed must be in 3 digits length, and the speed unit is km/hr.

Note: This is a one time alert, the alert will be deactivate once a speed breach is detected.

To cancel the alert, send command “nospeed+password”


9. IMEI number
IMEI stand for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”, it’s a unique number given to the GPS tracker, you can acquire this number by sending the command "imei+password".


10. SOS
You may already notice there is a SOS button on the tracker device.

Press the SOS for 3 seconds, it will send an SOS message with coordinate to all authorized number every 3 mintues, until an SMS "help me" is replied to the tracker.

11. Low battery alert
This is an automatically function, the GPS tracker will constantly send you a low battery alert every 30 minutes once the voltage dropped to or below 3.4V.

12. Changing the system time zone
Command "time zone+password time zone"
Note: time zone is define by UTC time. Adelaide time zone is +9:30.
Example: “time zone123456 +9:30” to change the system into Adelaide time.


13. Enable SMS link mode
To change the default SMS text coordinates to a link that opens the GPS coordinates on Google Map, send the following command


To change the sms map link back to the default text coordinates, send the command “smstext+password"


In configuration software or file of the TK-102 tracker use the following settings to connect it to free GPS tracking system:

Configure TK102 for GPRS
In order free GPS tracking service to correctly identify incoming data from Xexun TK-102 tracker in the settings use following parameters:

Unique ID:
IMEI (15 digits)
Phone number: #########
Phone number of device’s SIM card in the international format, starting from ‘+’

In order to configure the object, you have to follow these steps by sending SMS commands to the tracker:

"apn123456 mts" – sets the required apn for gprs configuration
"apnuser123456 mts" – sets the user for gprs configuration
"apnpasswd123456 mts" – sets the password for gprs configuration. For new equipment versions user and password are set with one command "admin123456 mts mts"
"GPRS123456" – we’re setting GPRS mode
"adminip123456 <IP> 20157" – sets the server’s address for packages sending, <IP> replace for IP of monitoring system
"t030s***n123456" – sets the interval of messages sending to 30 seconds. For new equipment versions this command can have the following format "fix030s***n123456"

SMS Command List Summary

Password modification

password+old password+space+new password

password123456 666888

– the password should be 6 digits.


admin+password+space+cellphone number

admin123456 13311112222

– there are 4 other numbers can set as the masters, use the same way to set them.

IP and Port Setting

adminip+password+space+IP address+space+port

adminip123456 8899

– When you need the tracker has the way of GPRS transferring, this is the necessary setting.

APN setting

APN+password+space+the user's APN

APN123456 internet

– When you need the tracker has the way of GPRS transferring, this is the necessary setting. APN refers to the GSM SIM card’s APN.

APN user name setting

apnuser+password+space+apn username

apnuser123456 come

– If the APN has user name,this is the command to setting this.

APN password setting

“apnpasswd+password+space+apn password

apnpasswd123456 cmet

– If the APN has password,this is the command to setting this.

Interval tracking



– T=time, s=second, m=minutes, h=hour, n=times, t030s005n123456 means track 5 times for 30s interval, “***” means countless times and the minimum interval time is 5 seconds (new vesion tracker), 30 seconds (old vesion), the maximum times is 250 times.

Tracking mode



– If you need switch the other modes to tracking mode,you need send this commands.

Track once

tracking one / or call the tracker once

"tracking one"

– If you want to have the tracker only report once, send tracking one to the tracker, or call the tracker once.

Listen in mode



– If you need switch the other modes to listen in, you need send this commands. When you use the tracker first time, call the tracker, tracker reports you the

coordinates,send “monitor123456"“,call the tracker you will hear what happen around the tracker.



stockade123456 latitude;longitude,latitude


– Send this sms command to the tracker, then if the tracker run out the area you have set, it will send “stockade” with the location to you.

Movement Alert



– The tracker will move 500m at least, or you cannot get this alert.”move with the location”

Overspeed Alert


speed123456 080

– The unit of the speed is km which is the original data from the GPS, and if the speed less then 30km/h, you won’t get the alert “speed+location”

Low battery Alert

No setup command

– When the back up battery is less than 3.4V, it will send you “Low Battery”.

The TK-102 seems to be a very popular GPS Tracker mainly because of its price but it does work once configured properly this article is to help

users if the come in to any setup issues.
Visually identify your GPS Tracker with the following image

There are many different company’s branding there trackers so be careful what you purchase


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Recent Comments

  1. I have a tip for the readers of this article. They can also follow this tracker in real time at for free of charge.

    • That is excellent GPS tracker device. Thanks for the suggested WEB page for real time tracker.

    • I have this tracker. Out of blue it doe snot recognise the password. When i call it shows me the cordinates. When battery is low it notifies me. it gets the command like “low battery”, but not the other ones. it says password err.

    • Jeff Thomas McCallum

      Nobody seems to mention that the tracker requires a GSM card. It will NOT work with higher speeds like LTE and such. Why is this. I bought three sim cards with data and text and none of them work.

  2. I got this device from my brother who has used it in Norway. I intend to use it in Holland. Although I followed the procedure in the manual, this tracker does not even answer the first command (Begin123456), although the sms command is received. Does somebody know how to reset this device, so to switch all settings into default. I tried every command now, but it does not react at all.Thanks in advance

    • Are you sure the SIM card is set up correctly? to guarantee it is, put the SIM in a phone, send an SMS from that phone to another phone to confirm it sends and then send an SMS from the other phone to that phone to confirm it receives.

      When you are 100% sure the SIM functions correctly, you can try reset the TK102 using the command “adminpassword 13142324” for example “admin123456 13142324”, but then the issue you may have is your brother has set his own password rather than the default 123456. This maybe the reason the device isnt responding to your commands because your using the default password instead of the password your brother has set. Ask him for it. Of you cant obtain it from him, your device will have to be hard reset by the manufacturer. This can be a tedious task.

    • Let it rest without memorycard, without battery for a looong time, week or month, and the password goes back to. 123456.
      My device works like that!
      Gosta in Sweden

    • Ensure you use lower case i.e begin, not Begin

  3. Olá,estou com problema no gps, ele não para de mandar mensagem acada 3 minutos, e não responde ao comando do celular,gostaria de saber como faço para começar do zero.OBRIGADO!

    Eng: Hello, I have problem with gps, it will not stop texting acada 3 minutes and does not respond to the command cell, I wonder how do I get the zero.OBRIGADO!

    • Gelson,

      Have you tried dialling the tk-102 directly with your cell phone, using voice mode rather than sms commands. Does it ring and respond?

      From what you described, it sounds like your are not set as administrator of the tracker, due to using the wrong password. If password used is wrong, you will not get a response from the tk102.

  4. Hello, I have problem with GPS, it is not finding satélite.Tem restarting the device?

    Olá, estou com problema no GPS, ele não está localizando satélite.Tem como reiniciar o aparelho?

  5. Can I use a custom website url instead of an IP address when configuring the device to send information over GPRS?

    I am developing an application to monitor a fleet of these that will be installed on motorcycles for real time monitoring.

      • Hi Samora, could you please give any information how to implement a custom website to gain the gps from device? Thanks a lot

        • No… a custom domain name cannot be used instead of an IP address in the device configuration. DNS resolution has not been implemented in the TK102 firmware.

          If your worried about your website url residing on a dynamic IP address thats always changing, contact your webhost and request a static ip address.

          Nearly all good web hosting companies offer static IP addresses. If they aren’t free, they wouldn’t be much more than a few dollars extra a month on top of your current hosting plan.

          • Hi, could you please help me with the adminip command. I opened APN and tested with #address#123456#. Worked fine. And then I sent #adminip#123456# and #fix#030s#***n#123456#. Both returned ok. But I got nothing on my server. Is there any command I missed? Thanks

          • IF you have your own local server you have to port forward the port you have set in the tk102. Do this from your router dashboard.

            Do you know if your device is an Xexun tk-102 or a clone tk102 device?

          • Is it using TCP or UDP? Thanks

          • TK102 only supports TCP. SIM cards and UDP dont mix.

          • Not sure if it is Xexun or a clone one. Can’t find word ‘Xexun’ on device, so assuming it is a clone one.
            One more question: when I send command ‘ Check’ it returned gprs:close. Sometimes it is open, but most of time it is close. Do you know why?

  6. Hi have been trying to setup this have GPRS ON GSM 100% and GPS NO cant get the blue light to blink indicating the GPS Signal is there anything I can do? the unit responds to some but not all commands

    Begin works
    APN work
    check works
    version works
    noadmin works
    fix020s***n works
    adminip works

    smslinkone NO REPSONSE
    monitor NO REPSONSE
    smslink NO Repsonse
    nomove NO Response
    imei NO Repsonse

    When I call it on the T-Mobile Sim it goes to Voice mail no answer

    The Blue Light is solid no Blink

    Need some help on this have the IMEI active on

    used the ZKS on the Orange Site but no real time information given

    Thanks In Advance


    • Charles,

      Basically, you can think of the tk102 as a phone. When its switched on and connected to a network, the phone is answered. When its switched off or has no network service signal, it goes straight to voice mail.

      So in saying this, do you have the device in an area that is well insulated preventing strong network signal and connection? E.g. 1st floor of a multi level building, storm or bomb shelter?

      If that is even a possibility then GPS definitely wont work well. GPS devices work best with a direct line of sight to the satellites.

      Your best bet would be to take the device outside, clear of any obstructions and test it once again.

      Let us know if this solves your issue?

  7. Tengo una pregunta y es la siguiente: para activar el modo de seguimiento GPRS es necesario que la SIM CAR este activada con un servisio de Internet?

  8. I have a question is: to enable GPRS tracking mode is necessary for the “SIM CAR” is activated with an Internet service?

  9. I have a question…which SMS demand do you use to set it in standby mode so it doesn’t suck the battery life?

  10. I also need a replacement battery. Which is the best batter to buy for long hours?

  11. buenas tengo un tk102 y me dejo de funcionar la funcion speed, si bien lo activo me contesta el mensaje speed ok,, pero jamas me alerta cuando paso la velocidad indicada, alguien sabe como arreglarlo
    muchismas gracias

    English: I have a good tk102 and the speed function stopped working, but I get the answer message “active speed ok”, but I never get alert when the specified speed is passed. Anyone know how to fix it?
    muchismas thanks

  12. hi i have the tk102 and i want to know if ι can make route in google maps and you can see the route that I did on pc! thanks

  13. Hello, I have this GPS tk102 I’d like to know if anybody knows where can I download the original SW of this part? I don’t have the CD SW since in the box this cd never appeared.

    Many thanks for your help, I appreciate your promptly answer.


  14. I just ordered one. I want to use the GPRS mode. What kind of data are send to the remote host (format, size)?

  15. Hello, is there any way to change the “help” sms message, e.g. instead of “help me” to send “this is tracker 1” Thanks.

  16. Hello, I own this device. It works perfecly in my country (Greece). My mom took it with her to Romania. I am trying to contact the gps tracker but when I call it, the call doesnt go through. As a result it does not send aything back to me. When I sent ‘check123456’, it replied as gsm 100%, gps NO, gprs NO, battery OK. How can I make it receive my call so it can send back to me its coordinates or at least its GSM signal (because gps might be off due to the terrain etc). Is there a command I can use to activate roaming or something, since it is in Romania and I am in Greece? THANK U!!

    • George, does the SIM your using have international roaming activated? This allows the sim to communicate with the network providers in other countries. By default most sim cards have international roaming disabled due to the steep international call rates that some telcos have.

      If you are not getting a gps signal, this is usually due to the device being inside a building. This shields the gps from the sat signal and causes it to drop out.

    • Hi george….i have the same issue…roaming works well(it sends back me sms) but there is no gps signal eaven it is open you have any advice if you solved the problem? Thnx!

  17. What mode makes the battery last longest?

  18. I have sent the following SMS to the DEVICE sim and
    ip192.241.240.192 port8081
    Then I got the SMS back from the device SIM as follows:
    ip error

    What shall I do?
    Thank you.

  19. Hi guys i have a problem with my TK102
    It worked fine when i installed it fr couple of days but since yesterday when i call it it sends me allways the same SMS with the same coordinates/time/date, it only changes the battery level.
    I cannot turn it off and on as its inside the car, i alsto tried restart123456 and begin123456 but without results.Please help.

    • Yes I have the same problem, please can someone help.

      • Dimitris and Igor, This is because your TK102 devices are sending you its last known GPS coordinates before they lost GPS signal and obviously have not regained it.

        A reliable gps signal needs to have clear sight to the satellites, no obstructions. So ideally they should be outside in the open air.

        Obviously this ideal scenario isn’t always possible. Specially when the device is in or even worse, is under a vehicle.

        Try this command (doesn’t work on all TK102 devices).


        Reply here with your returned SMS, if it responds.

        • Hello (sorry for my English),
          I have did CHECK command but no luck. I think that this is a seriuos bug. Once when Tracker is switched on with clear sky and good GSM signal, GPS lock is quite fast and everything seems OK, until you park car in underground garage for longer period (few hours) then GPS data is frozen to last ‘good’ position and it is stuck there, until HW reset (either batery or power supply is pulled out) is done.
          My GPS IC set is Ublox, maybe there are some specific SW bug for Ublox, SFIR is maybe more widely used and due to that have less bugs, that is my gues.
          Anyway my simple conclusion is to buy new more expensive and more reliable Tracker.
          Regards Igor

  20. group.!
    I alredy bought tk102 product.
    i try config to tk102 sent gps data into my server, but not success, i need creat a socket on server to listening incoming data from tk102.????

  21. I’m trying to set my tk102 up. I set up and tested the sim by sending sms to my phone from another. When I text “begin12356” I only get the reply “password err!” This tells me the 102 is receiving my text and replying but there is a problem with the password. Am I correct in this assumption? What can I do to overcome the password error?

    The 102 does not respond at all to a voice call. The call goes directly to voicemail, I wait for the “leave message” prompt and hang up. Nothing!

    • Hi Lowflyer, thats one of the easier questions we have had for a while.

      You are spot on with your assumption… The password is indeed, wrong.

      Take a closer look at your command. Your have “begin12356″… The correct command to use is “begin123456″, you missed the number 4.

      Each command consists of at least 2 parameters. Breaking down the begin command, we can see that the 2 parameters in the command are the “function” and the “password.

      “begin” is the function and “123456” is the default password.

  22. Oops! That was a typo on my part in the question. I just double checked and confirmed that the command I texted to the tracker was, in fact , correct, “begin123456”. What now?

    • Lowflyer, I dont have a definitive answer for you, sorry. Does your SIM ask for a pin code when you put it in a phone and turn it on? If so, deactivate pin code.

      If it goes straight to voice mail when calling the tk102, that usually indicates that the device has no network signal. Same as a phone goes straight to voice mail when lacking signal.

      If your not sure on your tk102 make or model. Try the command “format” without brackets and no password. This works on some models and clones (tk102-2). It resets the device back to factory settings including password.

      • Thanks. I’ll try the reset option.It appears my password might be corrupted. A factory reset seems in order. I’ll advise as to how it works.

      • I tried the format command with no response. I still get a “password err!” response when I send begin123456.

        Btw, I made sure there was no pin code on the card (it’s AT&T) but it does go straight to voice mail when I call, even when it’s flashing that it has a gps lock.

        Back to the drawing board.

        • Yes, from my experience the device has either been pre -configured before you purchased it and has been authority locked to another admin password and phone number.

          Or its an issue with your SIM card setup through AT&T. You could try testing another SIM through a different provider. Ask a friend or family member to borrow their SIM.

  23. Good day!
    Why the tracker’s send me my phone’s coordination after I called the tracker number? The tracker should send me the coordination of the tracker’s location, right?

    • Yes, there is no way your tracker can send you your phone coordinates.

      If you are sending your tracker an SMS from the same location the tracker was configured, that means the tracker has not had a GPS signal since it was in that place your sending the SMS from.

      The tracker sends its last known GPS coordinates when it has no GPS signal.

  24. I have the TK-102B, charged the battery, installed a Tracfone SIM card to set up the tracker. No joy. Bottom line: I need more information regarding the correct SIM card to use. Does the SIM card have to be a ‘standard’ SIM card or something special, like a SMS/……? Any recommendations as to WHO sells them, i.e. type etc. Hey guys I’m a new-bee here, and need all the help I can get. Thanks.

    • Just use the common style GSM SIM card that you would buy from any of your local service providers. Pre-paid type that you can afford to lose if it comes to that.

      When activating your new SIM, make sure you have SMS and Call services activated. Some people make the mistake of configuring them to have either just SMS or just Call services. Others even set them to have only broadband data.

      The best possible way to ensure your SIM is configured and working properly is to get a cell phone that uses the common size SIM card. E.g. An old Nokia, old iPhone, most people have an old phone laying around somewhere.

      Put the SIM card in the old phone, boot it up and test that the SIM connects to the network and does not have a SIM pin code activated. If so, deactivate the SIM pin code.

      Once it automatically connects to its associated network, from the phone containing the TK102 SIM, send a test SMS to your current mobile phone that you will use to track the TK102.

      Next, voice call your current mobile phone from the TK102 SIM phone. Verify that you can see the incoming caller ID and that it isn’t set to private. Caller ID must be visible.

      Now do the same 2 steps but from your current mobile phone to the tk102 sim phone and make sure it receives both SIM and Call.

      If all those steps work correctly, that means your SIM is configured perfectly to work with your current mobile phone.

      If your TK-102 doesn’t function correctly after this, then at least you can rule out the SIM card as being the cause of the issue.

  25. Can you get it to update location every hour indefinitely something like t001h000n123456 or t001h123456

  26. I have 3 questions,

    1: Can I send multiple commands in one text? eg… Armmove123456 or Arm123456Move123456?
    I have an app that saves templates.

    2: I bought the chock sensor but it seems to go off as soon as I arm the tracker. I have tried moving the dial each way but it makes no difference. Is there a correct way to install the sensor?

    3: What is the command to trigger the horn/siren remotely?

    I have the TK103A and am very happy so far. It seems not to drain the battery and works just fine.

  27. Command should be t001h001n123456. 001h for every 1 hours and 001n for 1 time. I got JingMei one and command is little bit differend, fix001h001n123456. Be sure to use mode2, command for mine is mode123456 2.


    Hi I have the tk10b it worked perfectly for a whole now I get a solid green light can’t turn off or on when I ring it is as if it’s turned of could you please help

    • Is your device using a pre-paid SIM card? Appears as if your SIM card credit may have run out or expired. Try calling your device directly and see if it responds.

      Make sure your device SIM card has credit to use to reply with. Also be sure that your device has good GSM reception. Best way to assure this is to take your device outside in the open.

  29. hi i’ve recently brought one of these. i put sim card in and then battery, then the light turns on straight away as soon as the battery connects. ive tried holding in the on/off button, taking the battery out. please help

  30. My first tk-102 would only work if I was within 100 feet of the cell tower, All commands worked if at tower location.
    I received a replacement and put in the sims card. It just keeps flashing as if it had gps lock. No commands work and the light flashes the same as if I had a sims card in it or out of it. Any Ideas?

    • Try a different SIM Card from any other mobile device you have. See if you get same results. What happens when you call the tk102 SIM number directly? Does it ring and answer or straight to message bank?

  31. My TK102 worked for the first day, sending me messages as it should, albeit just GPS position, with the link to google maps, which was correct. The next day, I set about fine tuning things, such as correct time, etc. I then tried to check the balance of the sim card. I obviously did something wrong here, as it, for the next 2 hrs, every 3 seconds, tried to obtain this information from the phone company. After that, nothing worked. I could not get it to communicate with my mobile phone at all. Tried resetting passwords, formatting, etc but nothing happened. It seems to have frozen up. It will turn on and off ok, and seems to find GPS lock, but I can’t do anything with it. Anyone any ideas?

    • After more checking, I worked out that the sim would make and receive calls, but could only receive sms, NOT send them.
      The very next day, the sim started to work normally again. Could only have been the sim company that affected it !!!

  32. Hello!
    I own a TK-102, and I want know if it’s possible to see the route (where the tracker was the previous day/ or what roads it passed) , and if so, how it’s done?

  33. I have the tk102 tracker. Why do i sometimes get sms GSM location and not GPRS? I want to see the location on google maps.

  34. hi, i just bought tk102b gps tracker. it gives zero co ordinates, speed, date and time whenever i calls it. and it only respond to few commands like, begin, admin, apn, password change works while other command doesnt. could it be a clone gps and what solution do u suggest. quick response will be appreciated.

  35. Hello, Just got the 102b, and I like it so far, but I do have a problem. Yesterday, I was able to call it and it sent me google map link that I was able to use very easily. Today, however, it is responding with GSM! and then a link that doesn’t work (….), spread over two text messages. I looked at your manual above, and tried to send smslink with my password, and got “password error.” I sent check plus password and it worked fine (GSM: 100% GPS: no, GPRS: off, Battery 100%), so I’m talking to the unit ok, but I can’t seem to get it to send me the google maps link I need. Am I doing something wrong?

  36. Also, the off/on button doesn’t appear to work. I’ve tried holding it for a number of seconds, but nothing. Unit powers up when the battery goes in, and stays on. Suggestions?

  37. Well, turns out they sent me a TK 106, so the commands may be slightly different? Still have problem with not getting google maps link, but link to a website that isn’t working.

  38. Hi there, my tracker worked for the first few days, when I rang it I got an sms with the correct location. However, now when I call the number It goes to a voicemail “Press 1 if you would like us to send an sms to this number letting them know you have called” Also, the green light permanently stays on as soon as the battery is it. Any suggestions how I can get the tracker to start working as it did originally?

  39. sir i bay this device in saudi arabia but i put sim card and i call my sim and the device not giv me exsat location

  40. i have a tracker when i ring it ,it does send me the map ref where it is can you help me pls thanks yu

  41. hi is away to reset the passord beouse i had forget it
    its not working begin123456

  42. I set up geo-fence and I sent the right command, it sent back ” can’t stockade, because of not fixing”
    does anyone know what this means?

  43. How to disable data using by tracker?
    Cos i receive high cost bill to my sim card no

  44. Hello

    Please help! I made a mistake

    I send to my gps a wrong number of my cellphone.
    And received Ok with : ‘my mistaken phone number.
    Since that no response. How can i reset this?

    • I made a same mistake, I have authorise wrong number, since then i cant interact with TK 102B II. I try everything, reseting, 10 time calling but nothing. I also wonder couse I cant operate On OFF button, device is always ON automaticaly when battery is inserted.??
      Any idea?

  45. My Tk 102 was working great, and now when I put the battery in, the green light stays on the entire time, and it never responds to text or calls. Thoughts?

  46. Hi i have a tk102 model and when i turn it on i get a blue flashing light that eventually turns to a fixed blue light.i send begin123456 and receive nothing. i put the sim card into another phone and i can send and receive text messages from this card….what am i doing wrong

  47. Oh well its off for a refund.
    (Blue light not green) 6 pin sim = light flashing…8 pin sim = light steady….both not logging onto satellite NO DOUBLE FLASH….sim cards both set correctly. seller thinks only 1/1000000 have a problem and it looks like i got that 1/000000..thats why they call me lucky phil..CHINESE SHIT

  48. Yet another frustration. I bought one tk102 from a Chinese company. I worked a bit for a few days, then failed completely. I asked for a replacement and was told to first mail the old unit back. Given how inexpensive they are, I just ordered a new one from a different merchant in China. When I got the new one, it appeared much more substantial and better made. Yet when I put the sim and the battery in, the now blue light flashes, but it never gets a single message or responds to the begin command. So, I think I have two junk trackers. It may be time to step up and buy a more expensive but functioning unit. Anyone have recommendations on a product that will actually work?

  49. Try a “spot gen3″……about $190 aus but a much better unit ie IT WORKS, Iv’e given up on the tk102 and it’s now a paper weight

  50. And, of course, the second one is junk too. Blue light flashes, but it has never once responded to a begin or any other command. So, I ordered a real unit (spot track) from REI, where if it doesn’t work, I can take it back. I wasted $60 going cheap. sigh…

  51. I just ordered the cheaper one the Spot Trace ($99) which looks like a good unit. Ordered it from a real store too (REI) so I can take it back if it is not a good unit.

  52. Hi, can some-one please tell me if the TK102 tracker will accept a sim card from the “three network” ?


  54. My sim card if from att, i installed it , put the battery in the green light came on , then a fast blinking green light, i send some commands with no response, i drove to another area close to an att tower and i got a green blink every 3 seconds, i sent commands and it works, i went back home and the green light went back to a fast blink. i dont thing it will receive commands unless it has a 3 second green light blink. i put the coord in google earth and it put me right on where i was at. i had another tracker i bought from china and it did not work right, i send it back a month ago, hope i get my money back. i would like to know how do i put numbers in my tracker if i need to use the sos button on it. thanks

    • You must first set up an authorised number first to able to add extra sos numbers.
      to set up your own phone send sms. admin123456 yourcellnumber
      it should then reply “admin ok”

      or use your phone to call the gps 10 times in a row, the tk102 will then set that number as the admin & sos number

  55. got my tk102 yesterday, got it to work once and its now stopped working will not receive or send me a text , how can i completely reset the device back to factory defaults. tks

  56. Got my tk102 and the only thing that works on it is when i call it it sends cords back to my phone through text. Now when i sent begin123456 it sent back begin ok, evrrything else i send to it i get no response. Help?!?!?!

  57. Hi, my accept most all the commands and respond but don’t send any info when I call him, if I make smstext123456 give password err! Why???

  58. Help please, my accept some command but don’t reply to call’s, means don’t send any SMS with position and when use smstext123456 give password err! Commands like begin123456, admin, monitor, etc give the correct answers…

  59. Hi my tracker is sending me messages constantly saying ‘Low battery’. Please what can I do since am no where near it

  60. I authorized admin successfully. then after send any command not execute by the tracker. only responding to “check123456” command.

    When i send “check” command and device reply below Content:
    t:2004-1-1 2:23:27,tz:8.000000;pwd:123456;number:0094777336207,,,,;;ip:;
    recordtime=10min;vibration off;low battery on;mode:0;sleep=0,apn=cmnet ;bat:100%;sig:21;last po
    Time: 9/16/2014 5:08:53 PM

  61. I bought a tk102 and the ad said there were magnets that would allow it to be placed under a car. I don’t see any, please advise. Thanks.

    • wow you got a working one….lucky. i wouldnt worry too much about the magnets jim it isn’t going to last anymore than a few day’s at best

  62. How to change my TK102 smslink address.Default address is want to use googlemaps.

  63. Hi…
    I bought tk 102 , and already install sim-kad and micro Sd card…
    btw,,, when I start sent SMS “begin123456″ and then replied back ” no SMS mode”
    what that means?

  64. I have purchased 2 of these units and I can’t get either of them to even reply?? I have proved the sim card works fine several times and of course there is a signal. I send the command begin123456 on these brand new units and get no reply at all.
    A reply would be much appreiciated

  65. I purchased two of the units, tried multiple SIM cards, and they both failed. One failed after working for a couple of days, and the other never worked at all. I tried to get the companies to take responsibility, but I just got back cryptic emails that I should send them back and they would see what they could do. I decided to toss the units in the trash, and I bought a Trace unit at REI. Much more costly, but a real machine that actually works. I spent about $70 on the two units, and more on the AT&T sim card, and feel totally ripped off.

  66. Yeh, I got the same. I ended throwing them in the bin and you’ll probably end up doing the same. The failure rate is extremely high for these units and I think it’s about time they stopped selling this trash until they’ve sorted them out

  67. Hi I just purchased a TK102, just wondering what sim card provider is best/cheapest? my device is setup to send its location to a server every 20 seconds .

    Any help is appreciated

  68. Hi i cannot get connected to internet tracking keep getting
    Wrong user name and password
    I have two similar jcar trackers they work
    On internet response platform provided
    Do i need a tk 102 software tracking software
    Any help woild be appreciated

  69. hi my gps sending the link without proper lat: long: speed: T: pls help???

  70. Can you help me to setup the SD card for retraceing my tracks

  71. I have an odd question, i have filled in user and pass for the apn by mistake… how do you make it blank again?

  72. Hi….i recently bought TK-102 device… do i setup APN and from where do i get APN, IP and port?….how to connect this device with pc software?

  73. Great reference page. There are no instructions for charging battery. Ive plugged in, green light on unit and red light on charger. What will I see change when fully charged?

  74. I purchased the TK 102 GPS Tracker one month ago worked fine. Then the other day I contacted it for its location which I received, then minutes later it started to send message “help me”. I then received many similar “help me” and on returning to my car. I disconnected the tracker. I re-connected it and it continued sending “Help me ” messages. I checked the booklet which instruced me to send it a message “help me”.Tried numerous times still sending “help me” messages. I tried sending messages to tracker but it responds password wrong. I have never changed the the original password. CAN ANYONE HELP ME
    Jim C

  75. Hi all…
    i need some solution from gps trackers
    for example tk102 gps tracker devices how to configure the free site tell me answer to mail

  76. I have gotten 2 of these units now, one seems newer than the other, have gotten one to respond once, and nothing since and will not remain on for more than a few minutes with a full battery, it seems to be poorly constructed as well. The 2nd unit (the one that seems newer) I got to respond to begin and then admin the 1st number I needed and has since not worked, the sim card is good (works in both a tk 106 and cell) the blue light blinks like its receiving gsm signal, but it will not respond to commands and sms, is it crap or am I missing something? Thanks

  77. Need help!

    1) Want to hard reset the TK102B completely. Something is wrong with password. I am sure I am using correct one though. I don’t have any software or cd with the pack. Can you help me with this?

    2) Probably rest will also help me sort out this second query but still- I kept my second unit unused for about 14 days, no charging, etc. Now when I try to use it, only respond I am able to get is ‘either switched off or out of coverage area’! I am sure none of these two applicable. Any ideas, other than complete/hard reset?


  78. Good information. I bought the unit, begin was fine, I received confirmation text. then I send my phone number to authorize, and text was OK. after that no response at all. what ever I do, call text, command from any number .. no response from device (lot of balance on SIM card). I think authorization message I sent was just my mobile number without country code. I want to reset the device, so that I can start from scratch, but device is not responding at all. Hard reset / factory reset info please. Thanks.

  79. I found solution to my problem recently! The total reset. You can try that by sms- Reset123456 (even if you changed the default password!). It worked for me. Let’s hope it works for you too.

  80. Thanks, But my device is not responding to anything. if I call, it hangs up, but no reply. No reply to texts. I sent “reset123456”.. no response.

  81. Hi – I have the device working, but when I send the command begin123456 it responds with “password er” – this is a factory new device. HELP!

  82. I can think of two options that you can try:

    1) Try messaging as Begin123456
    2) Try reset123456

  83. hi its me zain, i use tk102

    first time i activated and it had send me proper link, thought which i could see the location. but now when ever i send command for location it send me link but not a proper one with no latitude and longitude, latitude and longitude it shows q=n0.00000,E0.000000
    please help me in this case

  84. It appears that your device has gsm signal to be able to send you the link but it has no GPS signal so it cannot get a satallite signal… test the device outside in the open and see if that fixes your problem.

  85. Basic Commands all work, GSM 100%, battery is 100%. The problem is that when I call the device it sends the coordinates of the cell phone, not the tracker. Very weird but hoping someone knows how to fix this.

  86. Please help me i get crazy :)


    My tracker was working good answer when call and send me message locations back. autorizations number works good too. on times i take tracker sim card a way after few day i put it back. When i call by autorizations number answer me and send me message locations but when i call the first number witch i used in begining startup i d’ on get any answer ?

    Thanks to you

  87. Jeff Thomas McCallum

    Please help, Do I need a GSM sim card for the 102 to work. I have tried lte and others and the tracker will not respond.I just do not see anywhere mentioned about GSM. But on the box it clearly says GSM-GPRS-GPS.
    I can’t find a GSM card anywhere. Do you have one I could buy and then activate it here, I live in Toronto Canada.
    Thank you for your time.
    Jeff McCallum

  88. my tk102 keeps reporting my home location always

  89. I have the tk102 I finally got a response but it said password err! Even though password err it did show me the google map and the tracker location. So I tried to change the password as noted above and now I get no response again. Is there a way to put everything back to factory default or some way of setting a new password or even begin123456? I appreciate your time with my problem,

    Jeff McCallum

  90. How do I reset the unit to a new sim card?

  91. After setup, I dial the device number and receive a link to, my iphone reports it cannot find that server. How do I set the TK-102B to send link to google maps?

  92. on my tracker sometimes the green light comes on like it is not picking up a signal, its solid green, then it runs my battery down, how can i stop this other than moving in another area where i have a good signal.

  93. my tracker type is TK 102B

    1. when I ring to the GPS tracker its reply the location information as zeros.admin number ok,IP & APN ok. why its happened?The massage appears as follows.,E0.000000

    2. Can I use direct car power supply without using the GPS battery to long run usage?

    3. i have a doubt this tracker is TK 102B or TK 102-2. Can I cross check the type of this tracker by using IMEI from your wesite

  94. Mine worked first day and. i changed the password. All seemed fine.
    Next day, whilst it works. If I call it, it has lost my password and the default of 123456 doesnt work either. I just get “password err!” If I try to send any admin commands.


  95. I hav a tracker too,but wen i ring or txt its respondz wit nothing on my pone screen,just a message icon,i need help


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