OTP-GSM89 GSM Monitoring User Guide

GSM Voice Active Monitoring


  1. Voice active monitoring, when detect voice level higher then voice setting sensitivity, the module will send SMS and making call automatically.

  2. Can set 4 sensitivity voice level of the microphone for detect voice in the area.

  3. Can be able turn off the voice detect function through SMS

  4. The microphone sensitivity can be set through SMS,

  5. External sensor detect pin with hi voltage detectable

  6. Can be set ON or OFF for external detect point through SMS

Network GSM 900/1800/1900
Power consumption 20mA standby mode

200mA monitoring mode

Audio Surveillance -75db
Voice active method Environment voice filtering, directed human voice sensor.
Shock active method Internal Shock active sensor.
Device configuration method Password protected SMS Text message
Active way Voice active alert through SMS and call back.
Dimension 42x33x8 mm
Charge voltage 5V-6VDC 500mA
Charger input volt 100-240VAC

  1. Insert SIM card (SIM card must without any password)

  2. Power ON the unit, when the GSM LED indicator flash every 3seconds for 1/2 second, that mean GSM network is already standby and action LED will flash for every 5 seconds C.
    Just dial to the GSM-VMB38, you can easily to monitor voice around the unit.

SMS functions

Function active deactivate
Setting first alert number 01 no
Setting second alert number 02 no
Setting third alert number 03 no
Voice active function 041 040
IR active function 051 050
Voice sensitivity low 060 no
Voice sensitivity middle 061 no
Voice sensitivity high 062 no
Voice sensitivity super high 063 no

  1. SMS function for phone book number.

Phone book Sending SMS XXX##????? for the first number add to phone book :

XXX = 3 password

##: 01=first phone number, 02=second phone number, 03=third phone number

????= phone number will save to memory.

For example: the code for module is 936

A.936010912345678 sending using SMS to module SIM card number. And will return “0912345678″ =>1″OK . The first phone number 0912345678 succeed save to the

SIM memory

  1. 936020933513368 sending using SMS to module SIM card number. And will return

“0933513368” =>1″OK . The second phone number

0933513368 succeed save to the SIM memory

  1. 936030925168166 sending using SMS to module SIM card number. And will return

“0925168166” =>1″OK . The third phone number 0925168166 succeed save to the SIM memory

  1. Shock detection(external alarm)

  1. Set microphone sensitive
  1. XXX060 send = to set microphone sensitive low = 0 response MIC=0

  2. XXX061 send = to set microphone sensitive Normal =1 response MIC=1

  3. XXX062 send = to set microphone sensitive High =2 response MIC=2

  4. XXX063 send = to set microphone sensitive Super high =3 response MIC=3


  1. Only first alert number will be cal l by unit, the others number only will received alert SMS.

  2. How to get your code send 912 through SMS and module will send code: XXX

  3. Please do not put any password in the SIM card

  4. When power on the module the service led begin flashing for every second, till search for

network is succeed the service led will flash for half second and off for 3 seconds.

  1. The led beside active microphone is sense led when detect voice higher than setting.

  2. When voice scanner is turn on using SMS the scanning function will begin, the first Voice detected then will delay for 5 seconds, then waiting for the seconds Voice active detect, if any of Voice active detect in 15 seconds the voice detect will begin for the first detect mode, if in 15 seconds the seconds voice active will made cal l for the setting number.

First detect mode —-delay for 5 sec————waiting 15 sec for seconds active voice

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