HD iDVR Fast User Manual

HD iDVR Fast User ManualSummary:

Thank you for purchasing our products, which is DVR4.0 product,integrate High Definition,Intelligent and Hybrid, merge the technical pith of multiple network , intelligent analysis and information together, which make it with feature of advanced, applicability, easiness for use, expansibility, etc.

Main Features:

  • DVR/HVR/NVR 3 in 1
  • Cloud Technology
  • IVS(Intelligent video analysis system)
  • High definition and Hybrid
  • Intelligent and Automatization
  • Cloud technology – 1 step go into internet
  • Informatization and Mobile

Part One: Basic Operation

1. Basic installation

1.1 HDD installation

Please install the Hard disk before the first time to use this product.

Please connect power cable and data cable of HDD correctly, our product can support 1 or 2 or 4 or 8 HDD, how many HDD can support is depends on which kind of product that buyer purchase.(Remark: the device can run normally without HDD, but can not do record and playback)

1.2 Mouse connection

2. Startup

Connect with power, turn on the switch at the back panel, the indicator is on, then DVR was turned on. After starting up, you can hear a beep, the default output mode is multi-window mode. Remark: Restart the power after the abnormal power off, DVR will automatically recover the state before power off.

3. Turn off

There are two methods to turn off the DVR which are soft switch and hard switch.

Soft switch: Entering [Main menu] and choosing [Logout] in the [turn off the system] option is called soft switch. Pressing the power supply switch is called hard switch.

Note: The setting information must be saved before replacing the battery otherwise information will lose.

4. Login

When the DVR boots up, user must login and the system provides the corresponding functions with the user purview. There are two user settings which are admin, and guest; and they have no passwords. “Admin” is the super user purview; “Guest” is the user for preview and playback. User can modify the password of Admin and Guest, but can not modify the authority of them.

Pic 1 : Login

Password protection: If the password is continuous wrong three times, the alarm will start. If the password is continuous wrong five times, the account will be locked. (Through reboot or after half an hour, the account will be unlocked automatically). For safety sake, please revise user name and password in time.

5. Preview

Login normally and choose the multi-menu preview status.

The system date, time and channel title are shown in each viewing window. The surveillance video and the alarm status are shown in each window.

recording     video lost

motion detect     locked channel

Chart 1 icon on preview window

6. Recording Config

Set the recording parameters in the surveillance channel. You can enter [Main Menu]> [Record]> [Record Config] to set. The system’s default set is 24 hours continuous recording.

Note: There is at least one read-write hard disk if the DVR records normally.(refer to chapter 4.5.1 HARD DISK Manage)

Pic 2 Recording Config

Schedule: Record according to the set video type (regular, detect and alarm)and time section.

Manual: Click the “all” button and make the corresponding channel recording no matter it is in any state.

Stop: Click the “stop” button and make the according channel stop recording no matter it is in any state.

7. Snapshot storage (Partial model support)

Base on settings to save the monitor image

Pic 3 Snapshot

Please refer to “6 record settings”.

8. Playback

There are two methods for you to play the video files in the hard disk.

1. In the desktop shortcut menu.

2. Main Menu>Record>Playback.

Enter the playback interface, you can playback video of multi-channels at the same time.

Note: The hard disk that saves the video files must be set as read-write or read-only state. (refers to 4.5.1 HARD DISK management)

Pic 4: Playback

1. back up options

2.file info

3. file searching

5.operation hint

6.play control key

Note: The storage must be large enough before the file backup.

Chart 2 Playback control key

Special functions:

Special function:

Accurate playback Input time (h/m/s) in the time column and then click playback.

Local zoom: When the system is in single-window full-screen playback mode, you can drag your mouse in the screen to select a section and then left click mouse to realize local zoom. You can right click mouse to exit.

9. Network

Doing network setup through [Main Menu]>[System]>[Network]

Pic 5: Network setting

Make the equipment’s IP address and the router in the same network segment. For example, the router IP address is, and the subnet mask is According to the default setup, generally the default gateway is the router IP address, so enter IP address in the IE browser to achieve visiting LAN equipment such as operating image surveillance in the public network remote access equipment for monitoring. Detail setup refer to “Network setup reference”.

10. Alarm

10.1Motion Detec

Pic 6 Motion Detect

Motion detection setup. Set DVR equipment making it alarm, linkage record and make the PTZ turn to preset position when there is a moving object in designated areas during Monday to Friday.

Step2. Choose one channel and adjust sensitivity level, then set the time period of alarm surveillance. Set the monitor area(click the “set” button, choose the areas you want, and the “default” means choose all areas, then righclick to choose “up window”.

Step3. When at alarm state, the DVR can take linkage measures. Alarm output, recording, tour, PTZ activation, snapshot,show message, sending email (need to set email parameters at net service)and buzzer (local buzzer).

Step4. Set other channels alarm parameter following step 2 and step 3.

Note: Video blind, video loss and alarm input’s setup method are similar with motion detection.

10.2 Video Analysis

Pic 7 Video analysis

Rules: can set to forbid bidirectional, enter, leave, 3 directions, when the moving objects meet the picket area rules, alarm will be activated

Step 1: [Main Menu]>[Alarm ]>[Video Analysis], enter video analysis setting interface, enable this function.

Step 2: click rule to enter the rule setting interface, see pic 8:

Pic 8 Rule setting

Step 3: enable show track function, adjust level of sensibility and minimum image distance. Set picket mode, choose picket line or picket area, click setting to enter the config interface, right click the mouse and choose add, use mouse to set two or more points then connect to form a line or a irregular area, after that will come out an option box of forbidden direction, choose one of them and right click mouse, then click yes return to pre-interface, click yes to finally finish alarm rules setting.

Step 4: setting steps of alarm control period and the taken linkage measures is the same as step 2 and step 3 in alarm setting 10.1

Step 5: when video analyze alarm happens, there will be red box line in the preview image.

] The intelligent analyze function mainly including below 4 facets:

(1). touch line detection : bidirectional touch line, single-direction touch line

(2). Area detection: enter alarm , leave alarm

Detect the change of goods status will alarm in time. The change can be goods left in the scene, or the goods be moved or lost. Main function: items left and stolen or moved.

(1). Detect something was dropped from the motor bike.

(2). The car stopped in the forbidden parking area on the street.

3.Flowmeter count(CPC)

The head count of people passing in and out of duty room, which is fit for flow statistic in simple indoor narrow passage .

4.Abnormal video signal diagnosis (AVD)

Auto-detect that there is mess of skid bars, ripple, or a burst of flying spot, thorn or thread type of interference in the video image that lead to image fuzz, twisted, snow, flicker, scrolling, etc.

11. PTZ Control

To do simple PTZ control via below steps:

Step 3: single click right button, choose PTZ control to control the normal function, or choose high-speed , click left button can operate PTZ directly, the moving of mouse is to control the direction of PTZ, use the rolling can zoom in or zoom out of the camera.

12. Access device in public network (Cloud operation)

12.1 Guide

If you are first time to use this, please start here (or follow the introduction in chapter 12.3 to login), if not, please skip directly.

(1)Login cloud service website: http://xmeye.net

(2)Follow the guide to install it step by step

(3) Click”next”, search IP address, as below pic:

(4)Click”Next”, see pic as below:

(5)Click”Next”, see pic as below:

(6)Click”Next”, to enter the interface of user registration, see below pic:

(7)Click”Next”, show the device serial no.

(8)Click”Next”, enter the interface to finish registration, see below pic:

(9)Click “finish”, will come out below tips:

12.2 Login by User . (base on user to login can manage multi device)

(1)Enter www.xmeye.net, choose “by user”, input user name and password to login.

(2)After login, you can click “add device” to add more devices.

(3)Enter “my devices” interface, double click device name, can see the monitor image.

12.3 Login by device

(1)Enter main page of www.xmeye.net, choose”by device”, enter the serial no of device (can find out serial no from firmware version MainMenu->Info->Version)

(2)Cloud server will shift to the monitor interface directly. (Note: visit by device can manage one device only)

Part two: Remote Control

1. Remote Control

After successfully connect to network, users can remote monitor in two ways : multi-device client software or common browser. Multi-device client software CMS is a profession software used for remote monitor of multi-device, with the merit of safety, convenient, stable and centralize management, etc, and also no need to install activeX , suggest user to use it. Browser is kernel browser in PC itself, such as IE, etc.

  1. Multi-device manage platform software – CMS

CMS can centralize manage DVR in different spot on one PC.

Step 1: get CMS software from CD that enclosed with DVR, follow the tip to install it.

Step 3: repeat above operation steps on the interface of device manage, can add multi device for centralize management.

1.2 Web Monitor

When connect to network, use the browser of PC to login DVR for remote control.

Step 1: install the ActiveX, file name is “IE Plug_V1.1.0.78.exe”, which can be got from the CD attached, follow the tips to install it.

Step 2: connect with device, open browser, input the IP address of device, for example, the IP is, then input at the address column, will enter below page:

WEB login interface

Step 3: Log in, input user name and password. (If choose to link with all the video after login, need to choose network stream, LAN use main stream to transfer, WAN use the extra stream to transfer, suggest to choose extra stream if your network is poor). The default administration is admin, no password. User should revise password of admin after login. Below pic 9 is the interface after successfully login.

Pic.9 WEB interface


To do remote control at the interface of pic 9

2.1 Screen Split

To choose the mode of preview

2.2 Playback

Enter playback area, can support multi-channel playback at the same time.

2.3 Log

Show with log information

2.4 Local config

To set device alarm, enable to linkage function on the remote network client side.

2.5 Channel control

Open the video, choose the video on the left video window and then choose channel on the right, double click it to open the first video, choose another one channel, double click to open the second video, use the same way to open other channels. If the channel did not change, system will closed previous video and open the new one you choose.

Note: User can choose most appropriate image mode, when open remote video control

Close video: at the video window, choose the video that you want to turn off, right click it and choose shut the window, also can choose shut all the windows to close all the video.

2.6 Remote config device

At preview window, single click right button, choose device config, to config the parameter of device, which will be synchronize to local side, including: record, alarm, system, advanced, Info, etc.

Part Three: Special Function

This serie trend towards humanize design, visualize operation key, partial enlargement in any region of preview interface, regular boot and shutdown, FTP upload, support WIFI function, etc, greatly meet user’s need. Here specially introduce encode setting, multi-channel playback, mobile monitor settings.


To set encode parameter, in order to achieve high quality of playback and remote monitor effect..

Pic 10 Encode

1.1 Encode of separated channel setting


Step 2: Choose channel one, set resolution with D1, frame rate with 20, byte rate value 1024;

Step 3: Choose channel two, set resolution by CIF, frame rate by 25, byte rate value 512. right click or local choose advanced, and click copy

Step 4: Choose channel three, single right click or local choose advanced, choose paste. Same as channel four.

1.2 Extra stream config

Extra stream is used for client side monitor and mobile monitor

Step 1: Enable extra stream

Step 2: Config frame rate, code stream value, the setting way is the same as separated channel parameter.

2. Multi-channel playback at the same time

4ch device can achieve 4ch playback at the same time, 8ch device can achieve 8ch playback at the same time, channel no. can combine freely.

Pic 11 Playback


Step 3: at search condition interface, choose file type, choose channel (channel can combine freely), choose time period, click yes;

Step 4: at playback page, choose the video file, press play or double click the file to play back

3. Multi-channel real-time transfer via network

Use extra stream technology, to real-time remote monitor multi-channel under the narrow bandwith(or poor network condition)

Pic 12 CMS

Step 1: same as “1.2 extra stream config”, enable extra stream.

Step 2: open CMS, login software

Step 3: after add related device, choose window, select related channel at device list, right click, choose to connect all the video (can choose main stream or extra stream, base on network environment to choose)

4.Mobile Monitor

It introduces extra stream techniques when mobile monitoring, support channels switch(eg. Windows mobile)

Step1. DVR config, go to [Main Menu]->[System]->[Encode], enable Extra Stream.

Step2. install mobile monitor software to cellphone, get the software from CD enclosed, (the software for android mobile is vMEyeSuper.apk )

Step3. After successfully installing the software,finding and running “eg. vMEyeSuper mobile-moveeye” software through [start]->[procedure] in the mobile,see picture 13

Pic 13 Mobile client side interface

Step4: click device list on above, input the IP address, user name, password, port

no. of the device that need to be monitored.

Device Name: user can set it as he like.

User name: login name of device

Password: password of device

Server: IP address of device

Port: 34567 (Remark: the port no. for vMEyeSuper is default with 34567).

After added device, click yes, will see pic 14, choose the channel you want to monitor, the preview image will be displayed.

Pic:14 mobile monitor interface

Remark: when the DVR is in local area network, the mobile should connect to wireless router to access the device, each kind of mobile related to different client software ( due to different version, should be follow the version in the CD)

Symbian S60 the 3rd operation system mobile monitoring client software: MEYE_SB_S60_3rd.sisx

Symbian S60 the 5th operation system mobile monitoring client software: MEYE_SB_S60_5th.sisx

Android mobile monitoring client software: vMEyeSuper.apk

Blackberry mobile monitoring client software:MEYE_RIM.cod

Remark: Iphone mobile monitoring software: use mobile to search “vMeyeSuper” in the appstore and install it online.

5. File storage

DVR introduces several unique storage and backup techniques to achieve multiple modes storage and backup.

Real-time storage

Redundant storage. DVR introduces RAID1 storage technique to achieve two hard disks storing simultaneously and mutual backup.

USB HDD and movable hard disk. DVR introduces the storage technique, supporting video files which are real-time written in storage devices.

DVD-RW. DVR introduces the newest real-time storage technique, supporting video file which are burnt real-time to CD.

Real-time remote storage. DVR supports video files real-time storing to computer devices(Disk C/D/E/F) at the remote client.

File download

Using U disk and movable hard disk download at local device, DVR supports the chosen file are high-speed backup to the storage devices.

DVD-RW. DVR supports the chosen video file are burnt and stored as CD.

Network high-speed download. DVR supports high-speed down loading the chosen file at remote client.

6.Special feature of 6000 Series

Compare with 5000 series, 6000 series add functions of SPOT output , SDI input and multi-mode of channel for selection. This series has different kinds of mode, Users can follow their favor to select DVR mode, HVR mode or NVR mode, also we add intelligent analyze function, since these four functions can be achieved in one device at the same time, so it is called Four in One, moreover, 6000 series is with HDMI output as a standard configuration.

6.1 SPOT output function (only partial model can support)

6000 series product have 2 BNC output port, one of them support SPOT output, user can shift SPOT output split image mode through right click menu. Note: if connect this BNC, no matter how you operate on VGA output, TV side always show the preview screen, can not show he GUI interface.

6.2 SDI port input function (only partial model can support)

This port can connect with video with resolution of 1080P

6.3 Channel mode selected function:

6000 series product has channel manage function, 3 types of mode: DVR mode, HVR mode, NVR mode, client can follow their requirement to change by themselves.

Pic15 Channel type

6.4 Standard HDMI output

The product is standard configured with HDMI output, no need add additional HDMI module.

Appendix 1. Remote controller operation





Multi-channels button

Multi-channels preview


Number button

Password input/number input/ channel switch


Back to up window


Direction button

Direction and OK button


Playback operate

Playback Basic operation


Record control

Enter into record menu


Remote controller

Input the number of DVR to control it



Assistant function

Appendix 2.Mouse operation

*Take right hand as an example



Double left click

Double click one item in the file list to playback the video

Double click the playback video to zoom in or out the screen

Double click the channel to make it full screen display in preview

double click again to resume the multi-channel display

Left click

Choose according option in the menu

Right click

Pop desktop shortcut menu in preview state

Current shortcut menu in the menu

Wheel button

Add or subtract number value in the number setting

Switch the items in the combo box

Page up or down in the list

Move mouse

Choose the widget or move the item in the widget

Drag mouse

Set the motion detect area

Set the cover area


Product Name

Model No.

Purchase date


Purchase site

Customer Name



Post code

Working company


Warranty valid: 1 year, this card is used for the product that you bought from our company.

1. During the warranty period, the goods fault under normal using, you can follow this item, bring your warranty card and invoice, we will repair it accordingly free of charge.

2. Below cases during warranty period need paid repairing.

A: Physical spoilage

B: Warranty expired

C: Did not follow the user manual to operate, maintain, keep it, then result in fault and damage.

D: Can not normal use it after using the piratical ,non-standard, self-arranged or unpublished software

E: Fault caused by dropdown, overpress, high-heat, rusty, foreign object entered, worse power utilization environment.

F: Fault or damage caused by natural disasers, wars or other force ajeure.

G: Fault caused by self dismantled, repaired, installed via unauthorized organization and people.

H: No factory name, factory address, producing date, serial no, warranty card, or fuzz serial no. and label damaged, and cannot be resolved.

3. Please return the product together with warranty card and invoice to the assigned service center, shipping freight changed by user.

4. Please take card of this card, we can not issue if you lost it.

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