Encryption Pros and Cons

Encryption, how safe is it?

Encryption can be used in many ways it can be used to encrypt your private documents & files it can be used to encrypt email via phone or computer but is mainly a computer program that is used to secure email, chat rooms and websites and to keep information/data secure.

The encryption knowledge has existed for nearly a decade. Encryption can either be very complicated in nature or very simplistic as there are various techniques in which a person can encrypt information/data. Encryption can be employed to move or store files safely, including backups or storage on mobile gadgets.


Personal files and the whole storage spaces or devices can be encrypted. Software for encryption uses an algorithm to encode data; a key is required to decrypt the data. The larger the size of the key, the safer is the encryption. Most IT professionals recommend the use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) standard technology to encrypt your information Created by Phil Zimmermann.

It is available in commercial software such as Symantec or open source for instance GnuPG.

Or can be downloaded from The International PGP Home Page

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Encryption entails the creation of a passphrase and private and public key pair.


The passphrase and private key are used to digitally sign the entire encrypted file, and thus let the recipient to authenticate the identity of the sender.

The public PGP key of the receiver is installed by the sender to encrypt information.

This is to allow only authorized receiver to decrypt the information.



PGP Encryption how safe is it?

When using the standard PGP algorithms, all files and messages encrypted to a 2048 bit or larger public key is very secure from direct invasion.

There are no legitimate cases of invasion on PGP encryption algorithm except on people using relatively small public keys of 540 bits or less. Thus, even 1024 bit public key is secure. Certainly, there may be some future computing or mathematical advance that might alter this.

If your privacy is vital and you would not like any one to access it including the mighty US government (NSA), it is recommended to use a 4096 bit key. The PGP system flaw is allowing a third party/hacker to access your private key. However, if you have a passphrase for your key then it is okay.

As much as PGP system can protect your privacy, it is not 100% effective.


For example, if a very powerful organization or NSA wants your private key and its passphrase from your home or typical work computer, you can’t stop them.

The most probable attacks against the user of PGP require capturing her/his passphrase, using methods such as keystroke recording software or hardware, hidden telescope or camera, Trojans/viruses/worms, substituting changed PGP and operating systems on your machine, torture/intimidation, or dictionary/ brute force attack on weak passphrase.

To the best of available information publicly, there is no clear method which will allow a third party to attack PGP encryption through computational or cryptographic means. According to Cryptographer Schneier Bruce, the early PGP version was somehow accessible but at rare instances.

It is true that some PGP versions have been attacked and decryption keys altered by hackers. Therefore, it is important that you take some additional measures to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure.

Even though PGP encryption is secure, taking extra precaution is necessary as this will prevent your data from such intruders. Once you have decrypted a message from an email, it is wise to delete the information/message from the remote mail server used to download the message and from the hard drive of your local computer.

If you require a copy of the message in the email, print out a hard copy and store it in a secure place with limited access. PGP encryption in Blackberry system PGP encryption is widely used to secure Blackberry systems. This type of encryption method has been tried and tested, and has proven a success.



PGP encryption allows subscribers to use an advanced encryption standards on blackberry email accounts. This system is quite simple to use and one can use it to communicate with other blackberry devices. Why PGP For several years, it was believed that mobile communication is secure.

However, the incidences of phone hacking and leaked information disclosed by government spies have damaged all illusions of virtual solid protection Therefore, blackberry phones are now PGP encrypted to safeguard your email communication from one end to the other end. Usually, the level of PGP encryption is characterized by a 4096 protocol and 256 bit.

This warrantees the highest security level and obscurity for email communication among the encrypted gadgets. It is nearly impossible for an intruder to attack a PGP encryption by using cryptographic or computational means. Each blackberry handsets comes with pre-installed PGP encryption software and is completely configured to meet your expectation.

With Blackberry handsets, all communications through email are protected on the sender and receiver ends, without having to make additional installations.

One can safely send messages to other BlackBerry users with the same PGP protection. It is hard for any third party or hacker to monitor the coded information made between the sender and the receiver. In conclusion, if used correctly, PGP encryption is safe. You need to use public key with larger bits.

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