DVR Email Alert Setup Configuration

Email Alert Setup Procedures:

Step 1:

The Preferred DNS setting needs to be setup in the DVR to enable the Email Function to work properly.

Getting the DNS Server Info:

On a PC follow these steps:

“Start” button “run” (XP) or “search” (Vista, Win7)

Enter CMD and press “enter” to bring up the cmd.exe window

Type in ipconfig/all and press “enter” to see information as shown below

Look for the DNS Servers info, normally two are shown in the cmd.exe screen Write down this info to fill in the Preferred DNS screen of the DVR

** Restart the DVR to Save and Enable the Settings entered in the Preferred DNS Screen

Setting up the Email Screen on the DVR:

The example below shows the setup to use Gmail SMTP Mail server to send your Email alerts and Snapshot attachments.

You will need an active

Gmail Account and know

the Username and Password

The Important Settings are:

SMTP Server:

Enter your Username and Password for your Gmail Account that you want to use to send the DVR messages from.

The Sender line is a Descriptive Line that will appear in the Email Header

The Subject Line is the Email Subject Line

Adjust the Send Interval timing between Messages being sent out (avoids overloading messaging system)

* Note: Two messages are out for each event, one at the Event trigger and one at the Event End. The event trigger will have the Snapshot capture if that option is selected

Up to 3 Receivers can be added on the list to receive the email\text message.

Enter the Email Address of the Person being sent the Email

To Send the Message to a Cell Phone:

(formerly Cingular)

[10-digit phone number]


For multimedia messages, use [10-digit-number]



Boost Mobile

[10-digit phone number]


Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit telephone number]


(now Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit phone number]



T Mobile

[10-digit phone number]




[10-digit phone number]



Virgin Mobile USA

[10-digit phone number]


Setting up the Motion Detect to trigger the Email\Snapshot Alert Function

This Example shows the two checkboxes for “Email” and “Capture” that need to be checked for the Snapshot feature to work.

Notice in this screen shot that channel 1 is selected in the Motion Detect event type, and also that Channel 1 is selected next to the Capture Checkbox to capture the image on Channel 1

The Snapshot Feature is setup under the Snapshot Tab on the DVR Menu

Put a check mark in the Enable Box

Adjust the Quality as desired (higher quality=larger file sent)

Local Alarm Setup to send Email and Snapshot

The DVR has Alarm Inputs that can be used with a variety of devices connected to the DVR such as: Door\Window Contacts

PIR Motion Sensors\Photo Beam Sensors

Voice Alert N/C Contact Output

Alarm Panel Siren trigger using 12VDC N/C contact relay

*The most common type of alarm contact is an N/C type but the DVR can also be setup to use an N/O contact relay also.

 It can be used to trigger an Email alert and also to capture an image from the Camera being used in that area.

The Email Function can also be setup to report errors on the DVR to alert the user that attention is needed at the DVR

The “Gmail” Email and Snapshot Function has been tested to be function on both the Watchnet and ICRealtime DVR brands.

The setup screens are very similar using the PC log-in to adjust the settings on both brands.

The PC setup screens are a much easier and faster method of setting the DVR to send messages.

The DVR can be setup to use the Email\Snapshot features by using the “on screen menus” directly on the DVR and the setting are the same for both even though the screens look much different.

The Cell phone Multi-media receive (snapshot) may vary based on the user’s cell phone plan.

That is a receive function of the Cell phone and not a function of the capability for the DVR to send the both email and snapshot images.

Port Forwarding is not a function of the DVR’S ability to send outbound messages and is not required for this function to work.

The DNS server function must be setup properly for the service to work, once setup up it is necessary to
restart the DVR to make it work properly.

*Improper setup or usage of this feature may result in additional fees by the user’s cell phone for receiving text and or images, or closure of the

“Gmail” account, or reports of “Spam” abuse are solely the responsibility of the user. The information being provided is for informational use to help aid in the setup in this feature if desired by the user.

Technical support for the setup of the DVR will be provided if needed.

<emAny questions regarding Cell Phone text /email charges and email service functionality questions need to be directed to the individual service provider technical support service centres.

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