DVR Calculator Camera instruction manual

DVR Camera Calculator instruction manual

  1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing this product, this manual will guide you through the proper use of this product and the attached application. In your use of the products and the subsidiary with the application of this product, please read the instruction carefully to ensure that you can correctly and easily operate this product.

  1. Features Overview

30 million/1.3 million pixels*USB transfer speed 2.0(HS)*Video format: AVI format *Video size: 352*288/640*480*Memory optional: 2GB/4GB/8GB

Support video recording function*support the camera*Built-in lithium battery, can work for 2 hours*WINDOWS ME /2000/XP/Mac OS 9.2.2 or later operating system without installing drivers (WINDOWS98 system needs to install the drivers)

  1. Charging Battery

This camera calculator built in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, can be computer USB plug and the charger connection or your PC’s USB interface, you can charge, the right connected, the camera computer yellow light flashes.

In the video, if battery power is low, camera will automatically shut down the computer, shut down before the system will save the video file, and then shut down to ensure document security.

  1. Four appearance and buttons

*Power On/Off Button

Long PRESS ON/OFF Button, to Startup and shutdown the machine

*Photo/video Rec. Button

In the boot state, Press Photo/Video button, indicator light Flashes once, photographed one. Repeat this operation, it can be continuously photographed.

In the boot state, long press     Photo/Video button about 3 seconds, enter into the video mode, and then once, pause and automatically save the file.

*Reset Button

If there is crash in the machine, press reset button to restart.

*Technical Specification

USB2.0 PC connection

Memory 2G-8G

Charge limit voltage 4.2V Battery: 3.7V/260mAh

Charge time 2-3H

Video recording current 110-120mAh

AVI video format

Video Size 352*288

*Common Faults

Can not boot if the battery is no power, please charge battery.

Can not download or upload files a check between the player and the PC USB is damaged, the connection is correct, confirm that the driver is installed properly (in WINDOW98 operating system), confirm that the players have enough room storage file.

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