CCTV Do’s & Dont’s

CCTV Do’s & Dont’s
What to do and what not to do when getting a cctv system

Factors to Consider When Selecting and Installing Home Security and Surveillance Systems


Home burglaries and crimes have seen a steep rise in the present state of affairs.

Staying protected and secured is therefore the need of hour.

Do NOT go and purchase the cheapest CCTV system you see on Ebay because you will end up wasting your money and eventually having to purchase a decent system due to how cheap the ebay one is.
Technology has advanced over the past few years and home owners can take advantage of the many surveillance and security systems available.

There is a plethora of home security systems to choose from and the task can at times be overwhelming.

Here are the CCTV do’s and dont’s that will help you make the right decision.



Whether you are going for an analog or Internet Protocol based camera, it is of paramount importance that you select a system that is best suited for your home’s needs.

1. Security cameras are classified by Television Lines (TVLs).

When selecting an exterior camera, ask for a 600 TVL. 500 TVL and 420 TVL will also work perfectly.
The higher the TVL the better clarity picture your camera will provide you with 700TVL is one of the highest clarity Analogue cameras available.
Also check what brand of board the camera has the cheapest and lowest quality is generally a CMOS if you want a better image choose Sony or Sharp.

2. Infra red LED cameras will be great for night vision.

When selecting the right one, go for IR cameras with at least 26 IR LEDs or more.
If you dont mind spending the money get a camera that has a manual zoom Lens and has AGC (Auto Gain Control) this will allow you to see much more at night without the use of IR
Meaning people will not see red IR lights at night.

3. To protect your exterior CCTV cameras from the elements,

first check the ingress protection rating. The best ones to purchase will be those specified by IP code level 55, 60 and 65.
Make sure you install your cameras properly under eves is generally a good spot for them, dont leave any cables exposed.

4. Be sure to mount your camera on roofs or walls where nobody can reach them.

This ensures maximum security at all times.

CCTV Don’t’s

1. Do not install standard or low resolution cameras for larger exterior spaces.

PTZ cameras with 180 degrees rotation will be perfect for large spaces.
Or you can use a fisheye lens if you wish to capture a larger area, Fisheye cameras can be great to capture maximum area coverage.
As pictured below one camera can give you a birds eye view of an entire workshop

2. Do not leave camera wires exposed.

This might leave them prone to mishandling.
Camera wire exposed
Make sure your connections are taped up with electrical tape or
heat shrink to avoid any chances of water getting in there.

This also looks unprofessional and can lead to bad quality signal.


3. Do not go about the installation process without assistance from a professional.

If you don’t have enough experience with this sort of job, find a qualified technician to help you.
People think how hard could it be to put up a few cameras well sometimes can be harder than it looks,
Depending on the house and its ceiling you may encounter some problems like a solid wall or somewhere very hard to get a cable threw.
Make sure you have push rods or something to allow you to push the cables threw with.
A CCTV Camera tester will enable you to precisely
position each camera where you want it to capture.
And make sure if you are doing the instalation yourself you take every precaution and be safe when up on a ladder.

4. Do not leave any of your exit or entry points uncovered.

You need cameras to record all activities around these areas for more security.
Rule of thumb a house generally has 4 corners with a 4ch System you should be able to cover every corner of the house.

5. Do not install CCTV cameras below 5 feet in parapet walls.

There is an endless list of security and surveillance companies to choose from. Take time learning more about the service provider before investing your money with them.

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