Blackberry Instructions

The Blackberry

  1. Essential Condition

    Support the phone with V4.6 upward Blackberry system, 480*360 and 480*320 screen resolution. Includes: 8900、9000、9700 and 9630, etc. The watching effecting will be better if the Blackberry is the special version.

    The detail is:

8900/9000 is V5.0.0.90

9700 is V5.0.0.714 or V5.0.0.344

  1. Install and the operation

    1. Load the TMEye.cod and TMEye.alx Install packages into the Blackberry via the desktop manager

    Click the applicator program loader, starting

    Go into the program install interface, click”browse”and choose the install package of Blackberry monitor software ,complete the loading and click next, then finish.

The program will load into the Blackberry automatically, and it shows instantly that the loading operation has been successful after finished.

  1. Click “options “on phone desktop, show as the following illustration.

  1. Click “application” to find the TMEye,enter it and click “Edit Access”, set up all access with “allow“, if some can’t be set up with “allow”(the option is grey and can’t be changed), ignore it and click “save “directly.

  2. Click TMEye program icon, run the program and get into the initial interface by an Initialized Splash screen.


Name:the alias is easy to distinguish more device.

Address:The IP VPN address or dynamic DNS.

Port:The server port set on DVR

User ID: coincident with the ID set on DVR

Password: coincident with the password set on the DVR

Network Type: choose the network type you want

  1. Click “load”, play the main interface:

The relative function of the buttons as below:

Function Key


The Description of Function


Connect the device and start to play the video

Full Screen

Play with full screen


Capture the current image(save the capture image to the default photo content of the default phone )


Set the DVR’s IP address or dynamic DNS、port、user name、password and device alias


Enable to choose the next channel


About the information

Choose the channel

Select to play the video from one channel

PTZ control

Control the PTZ up、down、left or right


Get far or close

Focal length

Addition and subtraction to achieve Focal length


Addition and subtraction to achieve aperture

6)The mode of video display

Switch between normal mode and full screen mode.

Normal mode

Full screen mode

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