B1 Series Mobile View Guide Summary

B1 Series Mobile View Guide Summary
With the developing of Smartphone and the bandwidth of wireless network, it becomes more popular to use mobile phone to remote visit IP Camera.

Now we will summarize how to connect our B1 series IP camera via smart Phone.

  1. Visit by browser on Smart Phone

Nowadays, all kinds of smart phones are with WEB browser. Even not, user can download & install a third party browser,

for example: Opera Mobile Browser. Its download link is: http://www.opera.com

Visit by Software for Android

For Android system mobile phone, we have created and published the special mobile software for B1 series products.

During this software, we have developed below functions:

  1. Add B1 Series manually;
  • Play video
  • Support Pan/Tilt control.

2.1 Install software

Install Method:

  1. Put the CD into computer , find ” Ci Smarteye ” file;
  • Copy the “Ci Smarteye.apk” to mobile phone;
  • In “file management” of Android phone, Click Ci Smarteye.apk, install it

Note: you can search “Ci Smarteye” and download from google play.

2.2 Operation for Software

  • Run the ‘Ci Smarteye’ on the smart phone, it will display the interface as

    Figure 1, click button to add device.

Figure 1

  • Enter alias name, ip address(or domain name), port, user name and password in Figure 2, and then click ‘save’ button to save device information.

Figure 2

  • In ‘camera list’ interface, click a device you want to view to play it.

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