How to Avoid Phone Tapping

A Guide To Phone Tapping & Precautions to take.

Phone tapping has become an increasingly common tool used by law enforcement agencies to gather information.

Figures released by the US Federal Court’s showed that the number of phone taps increased by 71% in 2012 to a total of 1354 phone taps.

These figures don’t include illegal phone tapping or those phone taps used by intelligence agencies such as the National Security Agency.


Below are some of the steps that you can take to protect yourself against phone tapping.

Discounting Unusual Sounds

Here is quite an interesting video about ways phones can be tapped just from using telephone towers.

One of the most common misconceptions about phone tapping devices it that they produce clicks, static or other unusual sounds.

In fact most modern phone tapping devices produce no audible sounds which will allow you to detect them.

Hearing these sounds during a phone call a more likely due to a line fault or problem with the telephone equipment.

Relying on unusual sounds to detect a wire tap is not a reliable method.

Consult With Your Telephone Company

The easiest way to find out whether you telephone line is being tapped is to contact your phone company.

Your phone company can perform a line analysis which can detect any phone taps, legal or otherwise.

In the case of a legal phone tap from a law enforcement agency you are required to be notified 90 days after the end of the tap.

With an illegal phone tap the telephone company will notify you immediately.

For Telstra Contact page Click the picture below


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 Using A Phone Tap Detector

There are two primary types of phone taps.

The first of these are on-premise phone taps.


Pictured above is a Phone Tap it can be quickly attached to any phone line by the two alligator clips and

will only transmit when the phone line is being used,

being powered from the phone line itself it can be quite hard to detect.


With an on-premise phone tap the device is located in the same physical location as the telephone.

On-premise phone taps detectors are typically installed at the interface between the inside wiring and the telephone line.

These on-premise wire detectors have a high success rate in detecting wire taps.

The other type of phone tap are downline phone taps.

Unfortunately, downline wire taps are significantly harder to detect.

That said, there are several wire detecting devices that in some situations can identify downline phone taps.

These devices work by detecting and reacting to changes in a telephones line’s impedance.

Impedance is often the result of phone tapping equipment connecting and disconnecting from your telephone line.

Avoiding Cell Phone Tapping


The recent phone hacking scandal in the UK which targeted celebrities such as Jude Law and Hugh Grant show just how common the practice has become.

Mobile phone tapping is not only used prying paparazzi, illegal cell phone tapping is often practised by law enforcement agencies as well.

According to research produced by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) which looked at 5500 pages of records from over 200 law enforcement agencies,

only a small percentage obtained a warrant before they started tracking a suspect’s cellphone.

In South Australia, making a phone tap recording is unlawful, unless it is in the course of your duty, say for instance it is in the `public interest’ defence applies,

or it is for the protection of your lawful interests.

‘Lawful interests’ is open to some interpretation of course as most laws relating to these vague terms.

There are many apps you can download to ensure you can send messages in complete privacy using encryption methods some good ones are


download (1)

RedPhone – Secure Calls

Text Secure – Private SMS/MMS



Wickr – Self-Destructing, Secure, Private, Anonymous Messages & Media

CoverMe – Private Texting & Secure Phone Calls – You will have to make a pin code to use the application

PrivateGSM Professional – This app will run 3 tests and send a message to secure the network and then you can make secure calls.

The first step should be to protect your cell phone is to set it to automatically lock.


When you haven’t used your phone for more than a few minutes it should lock and require you to enter your pin to reactivate it.

The pin or password used should not be the default one that comes with your phone.

It is always good to update or change your password just keep on top of things.

Public Wi-Fi networks are a particular vulnerability for cell phone users.


Turn off the Bluetooth function when you are not using it.


Be especially careful about using unsecured Wi-Fi networks which do not require a password to log on to.

You should avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for online banking and other financial transactions,

as they are quite easy for a hacker to create a wifi network called Macdonalds free wifi when at Macdonalds

making you think you are connecting to a safe network when its not safe at all.


Check for updates to your cell phones operating system on a regular basis.

When vulnerabilities in an operating system are identified the developer will release an update.

Unfortunately, many cell phone users fail to update their operating systems which leave them vulnerable to intrusion.

You should be able to set your phone to automatically update in the settings of the phone.

Auto Updates Of Apps

Download a Battery monitoring Application that lets you manage what applications are consuming power on your smart phone for example if your phone is running out of battery quite quickly

for no particular reason try closing all the apps you have open on iPhones just click the home button twice and your open applications will appear and then just flick them of the screen to close them.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver).

A good battery monitoring application for iPhones is Battery Doctor

And for Android is also Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

You should also consider purchasing a cell phone which enables you to encrypt your data.

They can tend to be quite expensive alternatively if you maintain your smart phone regularly following

these simple steps your phone should be secure.

In Conclusion

The rise in phone tapping is an unfortunate consequence of our reliance of telecommunications.

It is important to take preventative steps to protect your telephone lines.

If a phone tap is suspected you should contact either your telephone company or a security specialist to perform an analysis of the line.

This is the best way to ensure that your communications stay private.

and just remember


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