Automotive Security Products

Automotive Security

As the ultimate online go to store for security needs, Solid Gold Security offers the best in automotive security products.

Solid Gold Security recognizes that a vehicle is a valuable commodity and we strive to offer products designed to keep it safe and secure.


Among our available products is a wide angel night vision reversing camera.

Ideally designed to fit inside of a car, this day and night time camera is perfect for filming suspicious activity.

In addition to products designed to keep your vehicle secure, we also offer items to improve driver safety.


Our driver alert anti-sleep alarm is perfect for anyone facing a late-night drive after a long day at work.

Simply attach the Nap Zap Alarm to the ear and if the driver’s head begins to fall forward an alarm will begin to ring.


Here at our goal is not only secure your vehicle and its valuables from people as pictured above,

but also to keep you and other motorists safe while the vehicle is being driven.

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