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Alarm Clock Hidden Camera
Instruction Guide


This Instruction will guide you how to use the product. Meanwhile it provides the necessary information related to the product, such as the information for operating and handling. You are recommended to read the Instruction carefully and understand all contents herein before operating. Please keep the Instruction carefully. We hope this product satisfied with your demand and sever you better.
Product Assurance
This product is with FCC and CE certificate and had inspected by the authorized organizations where was found to comply with the recommended indexes. User is under our safety assurance when operating this product.


Instruction For Use for Time-signal Clock

I. Basic functions
1. 5 buttons: HR, MIN, SET, LIGHT, TALK/SNZ;

2. The time & minute can be displayed in a 3.5 bit LCD panel. Time-showing system of 12 hours and 24 hours is available;

3. Multiple rings for choice: Beep, cock, etc. 5 melodies for option.

4. The time alarm will be triggered every 10 minutes if the clock is on the snooze function. It can alarm 6 times maximally.

5. Two on-the-hour alarm functions for choice;

6. The ring of “Beep” will be become louder generally. And it will last 1 minute;

7. If adopting the melody as the ring, the clock will alarm when the melody ends.


II. Function operation
1. When switching the power on, the whole LCD will display; after the ring of a melody ends, the clock will display time;

2. Press “Set” button under the Time mode to set as per the following sequences (the display will flash simultaneously):

Time setting → Alarm setting → On-the-hour alarm setting
3. Press “HR” button under the Time Setting mode to set hour and “MIN” button to set minute;
4. Press “HR” button under the Alarm Setting mode (Symbol: clip_image004) to set hour and “MIN” button to set minute. Press “SNZ” button when alarming, the clock will re-alarm every 10 minutes, and will send alarm by 6 times at most;
5. Under the On-the-hour Alarm Setting mode (the symbol of alarm and the on-the-hour alarm will flash):

It will open and close the function (Symbol: clip_image006) by pressing the “HR” button, but send alarm during the time from 7:00am to 9:00pm (Symbol: clip_image008); it can activate the inactivate the alarm ring by pressing “MIN” button (Symbol: clip_image010).

6. Under the Time Mode and if the “HR” button is pressed, it can shift the hour system (12/24 hour system); by pressing “MIN” button, it can select the alarm ring.
7. Under any modes, it can turn the background light off by pressing the “LIGHT” button.
8. Under any modes, it can report the time by pressing the “TALK” button.

DV Using Instruction


1Alarm Clock


I. Structure Diagram


Time-telling button




TF card


Rotational cover



Turn off


Turn on




Switch button








motion detection video



II. Product Introduction

This product is a high-resolution 30-frame (640X480, 1280*960) remote video surveillance clock, with an external TF Card. As a multifunctional high-tech product, the product is available multiple functions, such as: video, sound recording, induction video, take a photo, cyber chat, electric alarm clock and file storage; with the high-capacity battery, it can last recording for about 12 hours continuously and audio recording for 25 hours continuously; besides, the product can replace the high-resolution video with 2 million pixels, sound and file automatically, Meanwhile, the product is designed the multiple languages for telling the time. It supports 32GB storage. Its TF card can be used for a long time and remote controller can be easy to handle. With the best imperceptibility, this product will be as your ideal assistant to prevent theft and get evidence.

III. Handling Instructions

1. Open the rotational cover at the right side, insert the TF card and turn “ON” to get ready.

2. Use the remote controller to aim to the receiver of the clock and press ” clip_image019 ” to start. When the blue lamp is on and the clock is under the stand by mode.

3. Press clip_image021 to start recording video. After the blue lamp flashes 3 times and then turns off, it start recording. stop pressing clip_image022, it will save the video file and return to the “holding state” , and the blue lamp will be on (the default time length for video recorded is 20 minutes).

4. Press clip_image024 button to start recording a sound; after the blue lamp flashes 1 time and turns off, it will be put into the working order; Press clip_image025 again, it will save the sound file and return to the “holding state” , and the blue lamp will be on (the default time length for sound recorded is 20 minutes);

5. Press clip_image027 button to get in photo taking mode. It will take a photo if pressing this button again. When pressing this button, the blue lamp will flash; after taking the photo, it will return to the stand by.

6. Press clip_image029 button to get in motion detection mode, then the blue lamp will flash quickly. If a moving object is detected, the blue lamp will flash slowly by two times and the device will be start to record video. If there is no moving object to be detected, the blue lamp will return to “Quick-flash: and get in motion detection mode (the default length for the video file is 3 minutes);

7. Press clip_image031 button, it will turn the device off and the blue lamp will be off.

8. When the switch is “ON”, insert the USB cable and then press clip_image032 button on the remote controller, the device will access to the U-disc mode.

9. PC camera function: Please install the driver software which is saved in the Compact Disc before operating; Turn on the device by pressing clip_image033 on the remote controller when the device is under the mode of “ON”, insert USB cable to connect the computer; at this time, it will access to PC CAM mode;

10. Charging: Place the chief switch to “OFF” position, insert USB adapter, and the red lamp will be on; When it is full, the red lamp will be off. You can charge it too by connect this device to a computer (clip_image035 Please use only the adapter provided with the device together; if the device getting hot or occurs other unexpected situations whilst charging, please disconnect the adapter’s power source);

11. Reset: If the product stops working under illegal operation or other unclear reasons, please place the switch of the device to “OFF” position, and then to “ON” position. It will reset the product accordingly;

12. When the battery is low capacity, the blue lamp will keep flashing or the screen display will be unclear. Then please charge it immediately. If it is used off, the file will be saved automatically;

13. Recorder date: Run the writertime file( in CD disc) when the camera connect with computer. And then ,the video time is the same computer.

14. File update: please install “Network Installer” from the installation disc; use the remote controller to open the clock, and then insert the USB cable in 10 seconds; afterwards, the computer will open an interface automatically; click “Program Upgrade”, it will open a dialogue box; afterwards click “Update”.
When ① DRAM Timing, select 0X35

When ② DRAM Size, select “8M”; afterwards, press “OK” to upgrade; several minutes later, press “Confirm” button.

15. When the program is lost, please install the software which is saved in the Compact Disc, and then click “STK02NU Programme Upgrading Tool”, afterwards click “Update”;
Under ① DRAM Timing, select 0X35

Under ② DRAM Size, select “8M”; afterwards, press “OK” to upgrade; several minutes later, press “Confirm” button.

IV. File’s storage and play

When finishing video-recording and other operations, please place the switch to “ON” position, connect it to your computer by USB cable, and press clip_image037 on the remote controller; copy the file or cut and paste it to the your computer to play; or you can remove the TF card and use the card reader to read the data inside.
The Media player / KM player is recommended.

USB port of computer


USB data cable



V. Precautions
Application conditions: Please abide by the related national laws and regulations strictly; it is prohibited to use the product for illegal purpose, otherwise you must be responsible for the consequences.
Software upgrade: In order to keep the device available a better performance, the manufacturer shall improve the product software continuously. The device is designed the function to update by user itself, please claim the latest software and upgrading method towards your local dealer.

Working temperature: Please use the device only at the natural temperature; never use the device at the temperature that human body feels unconformable.
Working humidity: Please use the device only in the environmental humidity suitable for living; keep the device faraway from the wet environment. This device is not designed the water-proof function.

Video luminance: Please use the device when the sufficient luminance is available; it is prohibited to use the lens to aim to the sun or other intensive light source; otherwise it may damage the optical apparatus;
Cleanliness requirement: Please do not use the device in the environment full of dirt; otherwise it may cause the lens or other parts to attach with dirt and influence video effect. It can use the lens wiping paper or glass cloth to clean.

Other precautions:
This device is a precision electronic product; please keep it away intensive impact, shock, intense magnetic field or electric field.


V. Relevant Parameters

2.0 maga pixel 640*480、1280*960 AVI 30fps 72° 6 meters for Straight-line distance 1LUX 2200MA Over 12 hours 15m 40m2 130MA / 3.7V -20~80℃ -10~60℃ 15~85% RH Mini SD card 32GB maximally Media player / KM player USB1.1/2.0 WIN 2000/ XP / Visat32 / 7 1GB/40 minutes About 4 hours

Resolution Video format Frame number Vision angle Induction photographing Minimal illumination Battery capacity Continuous recording time Remote operating distance Scope for sound recording Power consumption Storage temperature working temperature working humidity Type of memory card Capacity of memory card Player software USB Interface Operating system Time consumed of storage Charging time


Troubleshooting Remove the insulator
lock of Power, please charge accordingly;Battery is not contact well, re-start Replace the battery or adapter re-start camera, low-power charging reminder, delete redundant files from the card, put in TF Card or replacing TF Card. Align with the receiver’s head, remove the insulator of remote controller, replace battery or wait for reading the card Replace the data cable or computer Charging Charging, replace TF card Please contact local seller

Can not turn on Can not charge the electricity Blue light flashes rapidly Remote controller is hard to use Cannot connect with computer Clock’s screen flashes or character is displayed incompletely Sound is recorded with noise or video is not clear Other problems

Power Source

This product can only be allowed to comply the authorized power sources with the following marks, i.e.:

UL mark / American Power Certification

CE mark / UN Power Certification

CCC mark / Chinese Power Certification

BS mark / British Power Certification


C-TICK mark / Australian Power Certification
GS mark / German Power Certification

PSE mark / Japanese Power Certification

The power device will get a rising-temperature on the surface when operating. This is an expected phenomenon. If it is a must to bring the power device with you, please remove it from the power socket.
Necessary Fittings

Compact Disc Switching power supply


USB Data Cable Instruction For Use

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