Solid Gold Security is an online one stop Security shop for the Commercial, Business , Automotive Industry and Residential Sector.

We offer – Surveillance Systems, Alarms & Access Control, Security Cameras, DVR’s , safes & storage items, Safety products, Metal detectors & much more.

  • The “Do it yourself” way saves time, money and privacy.
  • It enables us to offer a much more competitive price.
  •  We also offer an advisory service for anyone experiencing technical issues.
  •  Itemized selling convenience means no middle man.

Solid Gold Security aims to keep on top of market trends and offer an extensive range of cutting edge products that will set a new benchmark for the security industry.

Australia’s Solid Gold Security offers a comprehensive solution for your entire home and business requirements, and all at very affordable rates.

We offer solutions for

CCTV Systems

Automotive Security

Alarm & Access Control

Digital Video Recording (DVR’s)

Security Cameras

Spy Technology 


This is another important valuable to be protected, according to the security news and crime statistics reports.

Solid Gold Security also offers this solution, as you find every answer required for your car safety.

You find driver alert anti-sleep alarm, personal alcohol tester, DVR cameras, key chain hidden camera and recorder, anti-nausea wristband, and much more about securing your vehicle and taking care of your safety for driving.

The entire range of home security products provides you with complete safety, and these include Alarm & Access Control  Different cameras like Hidden CCTV camera smoke detector; mirror hidden sharp CCD camera; spy hidden camera transponder key 4GB; and car DVR camera.

Hidden dictionary safe that protects your valuables secure with an ingenious safe in the shape of a book with a strong lock.

Wireless WIFI IR LED 2 Audio IP Camera with 5 languages, 9-channel browser view, auto search, remote playback, two-way audio, remote control, and much more.
This can also watch your baby when it sleeps.

The whole range of business security products such as; 4 Channel DVR Card channels CCTV system security equipment PCI video capture; movable day night dome; Dome CMOS color CCTV camera; brand new DC 12v 2000MA camera power supply; power adapter, and the entire set of business security products.

The great benefits of having CCTV cameras are to increase productivity with the sacred atmosphere at nights; assist the police to identify; to claim insurance; discourages theft and crime; and most of all these are fully tax deductible for businesses.

Personal Security You also find a huge range of products for the security of a common person as well as for large sectors.
The advantages of these products are these can be fixed in your car, easy to carry in a bag, pocket, or purse.

News and crime statistics insist the necessity of surveillance for all agencies and government to have social control.

These security devices include; bug detectors, CCTV finder, hidden cameras, signal blockers, wireless signal detectors, and much more.
Every device that is required for surveillance and protections can be found in this one-stop-shop.

Why is Solid Gold Security a better option?

The reason is very obvious and the answers are many. You find the entire security solution for the lowest rates that you cannot imagine.

In addition, you find yourself in a very self-reliable position, which every individual loves to be.

There is neither trouble of calling the police after the damage has been done nor any regrets for not protecting your valuables.

The best part is every device can be installed on your own without shedding a single penny from your pocket for any technician.

It’s very essential for every individual especially, when you have to travel a lot during the night and in remote places.

There are covet cameras and other ideal devices that help you keep a watch over people’s activities.

Survival card, waterproof torch, DVR hidden camera pen, watch camera, mobile signal blocking bag, and much more is there to be discovered from here.

These are only a sample of the endless lists which include; digital video doorbell peephole door viewer; wall clock with hidden safe for your valuables; doorstop alarm; PIR security camera; Lockwood patio bold; alarm clocks hidden camera, and much more.

According to the security news and crime statistics, every home has to have this simple security solution installed to be self-reliant.

This is certainly a one-stop-shop, where you can find anything and everything you require to secure your home.

It makes a wise choice to spend less and find security solutions for your home, business, personal security, or vehicle on your own

than to rely on external help,which at times would cost you a life or a huge loss.

Thank you for your time and hope this was of some help to you or your business

kind regards the team at,

Solid Gold Security