5 Home Security Tips while on Holidays

With the Holiday season under way we thought we would give you five Simple Security Precautions During the Holiday Season.

It’s important to have certain security precautions in place during holidays.


This is especially true if you live in a neighborhood which has a relatively high population density.

During holidays, commercial activity is very high and people are more likely to move around,

either because they want to go to parties or because they need to make some last minute shopping.


However, the increased economic activity also allows large groups of people to move around without arousing suspicion.

Now, most criminals are aware of this and they are also aware that people who spend their time shopping

or celebrating the holidays are more likely to leave their homes and property un-guarded.

This is why security precautions are very important and why you need to be careful when you leave your house.

So if you want to keep your home safe during the holidays, here are several tips to help you get started.

Lock your windows and doors.

Yes, some criminals will not hesitate to smash through them, but many burglars also don’t want to risk making any noise.

  • Hide important documents. Remember, identity theft is on the rise.

Google Docs is a great way to save your important documents online and can help reduce the amount of documents you need to keep on hand.

  •  Don’t put sensitive items, like keys, near the windows. This only increases their risk of being stolen.
  •  Install burglar alarms in obvious areas around your house. This is a good deterrent against burglary.
  •  Have security lighting near obvious entry points. Burglars are deterred by light.


Now, all these security precautions are certainly important in keeping your home safe, but in addition to these measures, you should also install several security devices around your home.

Doing so, will provide it with an elevated level of security and deter possible break-ins more effectively.

Solid Gold Security offers security cameras, alarms, automated security systems, CCTV units as well as video recorders to help our clients improve the security of their homes, particularly during the holidays.

We also offer safes, storage products, metal detectors as well as a whole range of safety products to further protect your property from criminals.


Our products are also “Do-It-Yourself,” so there’s no need to waste extra time and money getting them installed.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a lot of experience installing security alarms and digital video recorders, we also offer an advisory service to help you with any technical issues that you might encounter.

So if you’re concerned about security, contact us today. We will be more than happy to help you.


Four Steps To Avoid Falling Victim To Crime During The Holiday Season

It has almost become a tradition for crime rates to spike in Australia during the holiday season.

According to police statistics, crime increases by up to 30% in the holiday season.

Typical crimes range from simple misdemeanors like stealing Christmas trees and pinching gifts from cars to serious ones like home burglaries and car robberies.

The crimes do not only affect individuals, they affect businesses too.

Shop lifting and break-ins tend to increase during the holidays. A famous (or infamous) case is that of a group of thieves who broke into a Sydney warehouse for ham and bacon.

Before making off with goods worth $90,000, they left a cheeky note saying “Thanks, Merry Christmas!”

The increasing rates of crime are in part because people tend to be less vigilant during holidays.

Therefore, to protect yourself or your business against holiday crime, there are certain measures you can take. Among them are the following four steps:

The first step is to be aware that you can easily fall victim. Don’t assume that everybody is out to spread “warmth and good cheer”.

Just having the sense of consciousness will ensure that you are alert, careful and vigilant.

The second step is to carry out a crime vulnerability audit.


This is simply an answer the question “what threats do I potentially face and what can I do to reduce them?”

This will help to identify any security gaps and enable you to plan effective measures to address them. For a business, you may want to hire the services for a security expert to help you carry out the audit.

The third step is to implement security measures to address any vulnerability identified.

For instance, if you have identified a house break-in as a potential vulnerability, you can install a burglar alarm system.


At Solid Gold Security, we have the best security systems to address whatever vulnerability you may face.

The final step is to ensure that the security measures are actually 100% functional.

For instance, if you have installed an alarm system, you need to ensure that it actually works. You have to test everything to ensure that they work as expected.

A security expert is best placed to help with the verification’s.

Solid Gold Security can help verify the functionality of your security equipment, and supply you with better equipment where need be.

The four steps, if well executed, will ensure that you go through a crime free holiday season.

Solid Gold Security can help you to implement steps two to four. This is because we have a track record of success at crime prevention in Australia.

You can hire us to day, and you’ll enjoy the holiday festivities without having to worry about crime. Happy Holidays!

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  1. All this is wise and good. Good tips and they do work. But, honestly, I think nothing is better than even a simpliest CCTV. Might be also a DIY one. There are so many programs available today which can help you to set up a video surveillance in just a couple of hours, No special skills required. Xeoma, Trassir, Zoneminder and many others.

  2. The holidays are a time to be thankful and celebrate with family. You think that everything is fine & its time to have a great time. Criminals can see it as a time to take advantage of families traveling & leaving their belongings at home. So, it is always better to make sure to install live video monitoring system that takes proper precautions to keep your home & family safe.

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